Self-Publishing a Book

3 Crucial Tips for Self-Publishing a Book

Did you know that 37% of American adults only read print books?

While both audiobooks and e-books have grown in popularity over the past decade, print books still seem to be the favorite among readers. To an author dreaming of printing their own book, that’s inspiring news.

If you’re one of the authors interested in book printing and self-publishing, you might be wondering how to share your own book with the world.

We’re here to help you out! Keep reading below for three important tips for self-publishing a book.

Always Determine Your Budget First

Before you can jump into printing your book, you have to settle on a budget. Printing books can quickly get pricey, so you should first decide on a figure for the actual printing process. How many books do you plan to print and what kind of materials are you interested in using?

Along with printing, you’ll likely have other pre-printing expenses. Of course, you can edit and design your own book from start to finish to cut costs. However, this can easily kill motivation and may lead to a less clean-cut finished product.

Spend Time Creating Your Dream Team

Self-publishing a book is totally possible, but you’ll need a little help to get you to the finish line. Unless you’re equipped with a printing press and high-quality graphic design software, you’ll want to start searching for some companies who specialize in your needs.

First of all, be sure to find a solid editor and proofreader. Be sure you sign a contract with an editor that outlines what services they plan to apply to your book. You don’t want to shuck out the big bucks only to have a poorly edited version of your book returned to you.

A graphic designer or illustrator is essential for many authors. As much as society touts not to judge a book by its cover, a good cover really can draw a reader to your book. You’ll want to consider custom artwork—especially if you’re learning how to publish a children’s book, which is typically paired with vibrant art.

Last but not least, you’ll have to seek out the best book printing services for your needs. Be sure to find a printer that supplies any specific qualities you want your book to have, such as hardcovers or gold foiling.

Don’t Forget to Build a Marketing Plan

To cultivate a following of readers, you’ll have to build a marketing plan, even if it’s simple. The first thing you have to address is who your target audience is.

After you’re aware of your target audience, you can begin to appeal to them on social media. If you have a personal website, provide information on your upcoming book and give visitors the option to sign up for email updates.

There are plenty of websites that also offer authors the ability to share previews of their work before it debuts. It’s also wise to create an author account with a website like Goodreads, as it will give readers a place to review your book and share their thoughts on it with their friends.

Fulfill Your Vision of Self-Publishing a Book

Self-publishing a book is an ambitious task, but it’s well worth the effort. If you’re planning on creating your own book, the guide above will help you understand what to keep in mind during the process.

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