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3 Ways to Give Your Hands Some Extra Bling

Your hands are an often overlooked, yet central feature. From talking to a friend and gesticulating for emphasis to using your phone with swipe gestures throughout the day, your hands are a focal point of nearly every activity you undertake.

With that in mind, why wouldn’t you want to highlight them with a bit of bling? By adding some sparkle to your hands, whether on your fingertips, at your knuckles, or near your wrist, you’ll have an instant upgrade for your appearance in just about any situation. If nothing else, you’ll have the pleasure of admiring your chosen designs and gemstones whenever you’d like.

1. Rings


Unsurprisingly, one of the most appealing ways to accessorize your hands with sparkle is by taking time to shop rings by your favorite brand. Whether you’re balancing your engagement ring with a dazzling statement piece on your right hand or you’re opting for a dainty set of rose gold stacking rings, jewelry like these is an easy, yet impactful way to give your hands some extra bling.

Most enticingly, perhaps, you can change your rings whenever you’d like, making this one of the most flexible accessories you can utilize. If you aren’t a fan of rings or just rings on their own, you can try adding an equally sparkling bracelet or hand chain instead. Depending on the style you’re looking to achieve, the right ring can add a touch of elegance, glamour, or glitter to any look.

2. Nail Art

Nail Art

Manicures are a must for so many women, men, and nonbinary people in part because they’re beautiful. Even without standard or gel polish, a quality manicure can transform an otherwise unappealing hand into a person’s greatest asset. However, you don’t have to stick with a manicure alone or even a simple French tip.

Instead, consider trying gel nail polish designs, stick-on nails, or similar products to achieve a similar look in an even simpler way. You might even be able to save money by opting for a simplified option that can switch up without ever visiting your salon. Alternatively, you can opt for an accent nail rather than all-over gel nail art, saving time and money while showcasing your natural nails and chosen nail color alike.

3. Henna


While not seen as commonly as jewelry or nail art, at least in the Western world, henna is an equally beautiful way to style your hands and even add some bling. In addition to the traditional brown or white ink used to create elaborate designs on the skin, many henna artists will add rhinestones to their mandala or other intended design.

Others may even add glitter for an even more sparkling option. While not as interchangeable as rings or certain nail designs, henna is not as permanent as, say, a conventional tattoo. Nevertheless, it’s an achievable and beautiful addition to your look. Of course, like any cultural practice, be sure to use henna in a way that’s appreciative, not appropriative. With a simple design or something more detailed, henna is a stunning addition to your creative nails or sparkling jewelry.

From rings and bracelets to gel nails and henna, there’s no limit to the ways you can add some sparkle, color, or other sorts of bling to your hands. Because they’re such a central part of your appearance whether you realize it or not, you’ll find that you can transform your entire look with something so simple. So, the next time you go shopping for jewelry or head to the nail salon, take a moment to consider the image you want to achieve—believe it or not, your hands can be a key component to reaching that goal.

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