3 ways to make money with Instagram

In this article, we will discuss some of the strategies that the best marketers in use to earn with Instagram are using, whether you want to sell products and services for your company, or you want to set up a profitable online business.

Three ways to make money with Instagram

Once you understand the concept of “market niche” and how important it is to choose one to have the opportunity to create a uniform audience interested in our content, the time has come to implement practical strategies to make money through Instagram. Here are three possible ways to accomplish this. In the first, we will analyze the case in which you do not have any product or service you own, and consequently, you will rely on affiliate marketing to start making money (do not be afraid, this is not network marketing ). In the second case, we will give you some tips in case you aspire to become an influencer on Instagram and to get collaborations with brands and companies. In the third case, we will reveal a very powerful technique to use in case you have a company or are a freelancer and want to sell products, services, and consultancy on Instagram.

Affiliate marketing: travel, books and much more

Affiliate marketing means selling someone else’s products or services and receiving a percentage of the price paid by the customer in return. It looks a bit like the job of an agent who gets paid in commission if he sells, he earns. If he doesn’t sell, he wastes his time. The great thing about working with affiliate marketing on Instagram is that you have the opportunity to:

  • choose the product you want to sell
  • use the promotional methods you like most
  • automate the process

You can find products to sell in affiliate on one of these affiliate platforms:

  • Amazon
  • TradeTracker
  • ClickBank
  • TradeDoubler
  • Awin

Each of them contains thousands of branded products and services from any market niche; you shouldn’t have difficulty finding yours. What you need to do is register for free on these sites, search for the product you want to promote, and copy the personalized link, which will signal to the affiliate platform that you are entitled to receive a percentage on the sale.

Where to insert these links?

The ideal is in the Instagram Stories through the use of the “Swipe Up” function. Your Instagram followers will simply have to go to the site you promote using your link and purchase the product you promote. Alternatively, you can insert the affiliate link in the first comment of a post on your profile or via private message to the followers with whom you have a relationship of trust.  In general, the links in the comments and posts, not being clickable, are likely not to allow you to sell much. In addition, people are now focused on stories and pay less and less attention to the contents on the bulletin board. For this reason, the “Swipe Up” function is the one capable of giving you the greatest satisfaction in terms of conversions.

Collaborations with companies, sponsors and advertising networks

If you are creating your personal brand, that is, a profile in which you put your face on it, the best way to make money with Instagram is through influencer marketing. We guess you’ve heard of it before. If you don’t know it, we’ll tell you what it is; companies pay influencers to make them produce content with their brand, their products, or while they use their services. Influencers, as we already told you at the beginning of the article, can even earn dizzying figures for a post or sponsored stories.

How do you become an influencer on Instagram?

  1. Choose a market niche
  2. Produce great content for your followers
  3. Create a community of people who trust you
  4. Make partnerships and partnerships with companies

Ok, so it seems easy, but the truth is that it will take a lot of time and effort to achieve such a result.

What does it mean to produce great content for followers?

If you want to make money with Instagram, your content must be relevant to the people who follow you. Being contacted by an influencer marketing agency will be one of the best moments of your career on Instagram, but above all, it will mean a very specific thing, you can start making money with Instagram. Also, in this case, there are no parameters to define precisely when you will be contacted by the brands. If your market niche is rather narrow (e.g., wine, web marketing, personal finance), it is possible that a few thousand followers (together with a high engagement rate) will be enough to be considered an influencer. On the other hand, if your niche is large (e.g., fashion, travel, food), many more followers will be needed to attract the attention of companies. In both cases, our suggestion is to not look for unethical shortcuts to speed up the times. Work on the contents and cultivate the community, and the results will come.

Products, services, and consultancy (for companies and freelancers)

If you have a company or work for a company, you are a freelancer, or you have an online business. The best way to make money with Instagram is to learn how to use paid advertisements in a profitable way. Social networks, for those who want to do business, are not free, and if you want to reach a specific target audience to sell your products or advice, you need to make investments. The positive news is that these are investments of a few tens of dollars (at least at the beginning) that will allow you to reach potential customers belonging to your market niche. Instagram, in fact, has enough information to allow you to target your advertisements to a very precise and extremely target audience. Hundreds of thousands of companies all over the world are using Instagram Ads, but the point is how to use them profitably? If it is true that everyone can easily create an ad and put it online in a matter of minutes, it must be said that being able to make money with Instagram using advertising is instead something that few can do. There are specific techniques that will allow you to:

  • minimize the costs of your advertising campaigns
  • maximize the number of customers obtained
  • evaluate which products should be sold with Instagram Ads
  • greatly increase your turnover

One of the techniques that we consider the most powerful ever is the following. After creating your ad for the product or service you want to sell, you need to get your potential customers to visit your landing page

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