Block Odometer Quickly and Efficiently: Top Ways to Stop Numbers

Stopping the run is a service that millions of car owners around the world are looking for. The most basic reason for using this method is to prepare the car for sale. Mileage affects most of the vehicle components and assemblies. Consequently, when buying a vehicle, the buyer can assess the condition of the parts and estimate the approximate costs of repairing them. Therefore, the car owner can sell a car with a lower mileage indicator at a higher price. It is the principal benefit. You can stop the run using the odometer blocker — an ingenious device.

What devices play a role when blocking the odometer

Some people usually get the speedometer and odometer functions wrong. The speedometer measures the car’s speed, and the odometer measures the number of kilometers the automobile has driven.

There are three types of odometers: mechanical — now they are practically not installed on vehicles, electromechanical and electronic. With automobiles that have electronic odometers, it is best to purchase a high-quality stopping device. After all, blocking is easiest on cars with an automatic odometer.

If you treat it with the proper approach, twisting the mileage on a vehicle is a relatively simple task. Nevertheless, it is pretty challenging to do this without having any skills to twist the mileage on an automobile.

How can you stop the odometer?

Typically, the three most common methods are used when correcting mileage:

  • The first approach consists of the following stages of work: dismantling the dashboard, in some cases and the car body, electronic elements and connecting them to special equipment, based on which the adjustment is made.
  • The second one: partial removal of the dashboard, connection to the speedometer via the port.
  • The third one and the fastest one: done without removing the dashboard. In this case, the necessary equipment is connected to the OBD 2 port. As a rule, this adjustment is the most common.

Stopping mileage on electronic odometers

Fully electronic odometers, by their very nature, are pretty tricky to change indicators. This type of device is used in the premium segment of modern cars and has high protection. It is pretty challenging to twist the mileage on such a car. Nevertheless, with the help of a particular mileage blocking device, the task is simplified.

To twist the run on electronic odometers, you will need no special equipment. In numerous cars, the freezing of the mileage is performed as follows: first, the device is installed behind the dashboard, then using special software installed on it, the mileage is stopped. And Bob’s your uncle! Everything is more accessible with a unique odometer blocking tool. What is more, it should be noted that it is pretty challenging to detect the fact of stopping with this method.

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