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4 Animal Friends, you shouldn’t have on your Roof

Your roof puts up with a lot of things, including extreme weather. By doing this, it keeps you and your family safe from the elements. As sturdy roofing material you choose during roof installation in Scarborough, this component of the house is still susceptible to damage. Therefore, care must be taken when it comes to the roof to avoid harm and expensive repairs. This means taking necessary precautions against environmental damages but also against uninvited guests. 

Yes, we mean the pests and rodents that infest your inviting roof. They are not just annoying, but some of them can actually cause your roof to be damaged quicker than expected. 


Perhaps one of the most common problems that homes deal with is termite infestation. These affect wooden materials, creating holes until the plank is hollow. While your roofing may not be wooden, you might still have wood below it. When wood is exposed to moisture, humidity, and water regularly, you are more likely to encounter termites. Furthermore, they will chew through even plastic to get to their meal of choice: anything with cellulose, including paper and cardboard.


Isn’t it great to wake up to birds chirping and singing in your yard? Well, the picture isn’t very rosy if they are singing from your roof. Birds, while not very heavy, can still cause problems for your roof. For instance, some of them peck at your roofing, causing holes and tears. What can make things worse is them building a nest, which is most likely going to be in your gutter, blocking water flow and causing leaks. 


Bees make life possible on earth, in a way, and need to be protected. However, you don’t have to preserve the species on your roof. If bees decide to build a hive on your roof, you can expect them to eat away your roof for good. Furthermore, they can easily weigh down your roof, causing structural issues. And you certainly cannot forget about the stinging. 


Rodents love warmth. This is why they prefer your house’s walls. When their little vacation in your house is undiscovered, they can easily reach your roof. What happens next is them eating away your building material and birthing more rodents which then repeat the cycle. Signs to look for include biting sound and gnawed-on wires, walls, and more. If you see any of these, time to dial your extermination service. 


Any of these four can easily infest your roof. If you find them or signs of their presence, don’t hesitate and call in a roof inspection. You certainly don’t want to ignore the signs and make things worse when you are putting up the house for sale in the future.

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