4 Best Ways to Prevent Data Loss in the Future

Data loss can turn even the best of businesses upside down. According to a study by the University of Western Ontario, 43% of small businesses fail in their first five years due to information or data management issues. That is why it’s important that you take measures now to help prevent data loss in the future.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from our mistakes. If you find yourself a victim of data loss again, there are some things that you can do to prevent this from happening again. We’ve compiled the top 4 ways to prevent data loss in the future so that you can move past this unfortunate incident and continue onward with confidence. read more

Back up your data on a regular basis

Data loss can happen at any moment, and it can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter how careful you are or what precautions you take for data recovery — it can happen to you. To prevent data loss, make sure to back up your data on a regular basis.

There are a few different ways that you can back up your data. You can use a cloud storage service, a RAID device, or you can even save your data to a secondary hard drive. Cloud storage is a great way to back up your data due to its convenience. You can access your data from any location and from any device. And you can also use data recovery software.

Use good passwords and keep them safe

It can be easy to get complacent when logging into your computer on a regular basis. After a while, it’s easy to start using the same old passwords and not change them often enough. While this may be convenient for you, it’s also dangerous. If someone were to find out your password, they could gain access to your computer and your data. To prevent data loss, make sure to use a different password for every website and keep them all safe.

Encrypt your most sensitive data

If you store sensitive data on your computer, you might want to consider encrypting it. In very simple terms, encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that it cannot be read without special knowledge. If your computer ever gets hacked, your data will be completely unreadable. Even if someone were to gain access to your computer, they would be unable to find or use any of your sensitive data. This is an important step towards preventing data loss. Read more

Have an Electronic Disaster Recovery Plan in place

If disaster strikes and your business are hit with a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake, or if you suffer a cyber attack, you should have an electronic disaster recovery plan in place for data recovery. This plan can help you to get back up and running even after a major data loss. Depending on the type of disaster that hits, you can either bring all of your data back online manually, or you can use a remote data centre to host your data while you get your main location back up and running.


It doesn’t matter how careful you are, or how well you think that you follow best practices — data loss can still happen to you. To prevent data loss, you need to be prepared for any situation. That means having a solid back up plan and being ready to respond as soon as something goes wrong. But data recovery software like iTop Data Recovery will make things simpler.

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