The Best Word Processor – Microsoft Office Word or Google Docs?

When Microsoft Word was the only platform for improved writing, editing, formatting, and markup tools, it dates back to several years. If asked during that period, it would have been easy to decide the best Word processor. But for now, Google Docs has come into play and is known for its better collaboration. Since both Word and Google Docs offer an ample number of features helping you to complete your word processing tasks, it takes quite a thought to find out which is better. Though they seem to be interchangeable, you can choose any of them depending on the need and type of work. But there are scenarios when one might be better than the other. In this post, we’ll compare the pros and cons of Google Docs to Microsoft Office Word. For detailed information, you can opt for the best Microsoft Office training programs online.

Most of us utilize Word for drafting school essays, resumes, etc. However, with the launch of more sophisticated Google Docs, the trend shifted the web-based platforms as per the demand for editing and sharing documents. Let’s find out the benefits and drawbacks of Microsoft Word and Google Docs so that you get an idea of what to choose and when. 

Reasons to use Microsoft Word

Without a doubt, Microsoft Word never missed a chance to be the most famous word processing software. We can prefer Word because of its:

Ease of accessibility

We are pretty familiar with the fact that the moment we start our Windows computer in offices or at homes, we know we will see Microsoft Word already installed in them. Word is available for many operating systems and mobile devices indeed. And since 1989, it’s been widely used; your clients, customers, or colleagues might also be using Word in day-to-day life.


When work demands processing documents or manuscripts with several chapters, MS Word emerges as a true friend. Using the dynamic table of contents, formatting, image positioning, and indexing, you can create a document the way you want. You get the most robust features out of Word that you can simply rely upon. 

Exciting Word Templates

Suppose you are an amateur and do not want to design the document starting from scratch. Just turn to impressive designs and templates offered by Word, and soon you will become a creative pro. Once you have chosen a Word template, you can replace the placeholder text and images and simultaneously switch branding colors. A few minutes can get you a completely customizable layout, and you genuinely own your creation.

Microsoft Office Integration 

One would approve Word for its seamless integration with Microsoft Office. You will appreciate it when you need to embed charts from Excel into your Word document. And once embedded, any update in Excel charts will automatically update charts within your Word document too. Isn’t it great?

Reasons to use Google Docs.

Though Microsoft word is an old player in the game, Google Docs is no less in popularity. But why you need to use Google Docs? It’s because of the following reasons.

Cool Collaboration 

Google Docs is better known for its collaboration features. It makes Google Doc sharing quite simple and easy to control the access whether read-only, comment, or edit, one of my favorite aspects. You can permit editing rights to anyone with whom you have shared the document and co-author it as per the requirement. Also, you can check the status of the document anytime. 

Great Features

The best part of Google Docs is that it has everything you need to fabricate various documents. Text formatting, paragraph styling, and inserting images, tables, and page numbers are more than enough for making less complicated docs. It allows exporting documents to other file formats as well. 

Easy availability

Though Word has tons of features, Google has been much acknowledged for its user-friendliness and manageable workspace. It needs no installation if you already have a Google Chrome browser and Google or Gmail account. Instead, it’s a web-based application that appears as Google Docs in the Google apps popup window. And don’t worry, Google Docs is not solely dependent on available connectivity. For your information, it works offline, too, if you arrange it up for working offline.

To conclude, we would recommend that you work on Google if your task demands basic word processing features; but if you are looking for novel tools and advanced features, then definitely go for Word.

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