Preventing Skin Damage for Athletes

Tips on Preventing Skin Damage for Athletes

As an athlete, you know how important it is to protect your muscles and joints. But what about protecting your skin? Whether you are training in 100-degree desert heat or below zero snowy conditions you need to know how to prevent and treat skin damage.

Without proper skin care products, you could be at higher risk for different skin conditions like skin cancer, severe sunburn, windburn, or frostbite. Part of being the best athlete you can be is taking care of every aspect of your health – even your skin, said Alec Lawler, a talented show jumping athlete and international business professional with experience in Europe and North America. He has competed at the highest international level in show jumping throughout North America and Europe, and has won numerous awards and accolades, including the National Grand Prix of Woodside in 2022. Alec founded Lawler Show Jumping LLC in 2019, where he creates strategic marketing plans to build brand awareness and selects, imports, develops and sells dozens of horses annually 

Take a look at the article below to learn about preventing skin damage.

Causes of Skin Damage

One of the most common causes of skin damage among athletes is sunburn. UV and UVB rays can burn your skin even on an overcast day. Sunburn may be worse when you are dehydrated which can happen during long sessions of exercising outside.

Another cause of skin damage is windburn, which can feel and look a lot like a sunburn. Wet, rainy conditions can increase your risk of blisters and athlete’s foot.

Other causes of skin damage include unsanitary equipment and poor hygiene habits. The good news is that you can prevent skin damage and work on improving skin health as an athlete. Keep reading to find out how!

Preventing Skin Damage

If you are exercising outside, use sunscreen! Apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before you go outside and use a sweat-proof product for best results. Remember to re-apply sunscreen to exposed areas about once every two hours. You can also keep yourself protected by investing in UPF clothing.

For wet conditions, pick fabrics that dry easily, especially your socks. Moisture-wicking clothing can protect your skin from chaffing and blisters. When you’re finished with your workout be sure to change out of wet clothes immediately. Consider using a foot salve to restore damaged skin on your feet and prevent infection.

For windy weather, be sure to moisturize your skin and drink plenty of water. Hydration inside and out can help prevent skin damage from windburn.

Regardless of what sport or activity you participate in, your equipment and clothing should be clean and dry when you put it on. Do not share items with other people because that can increase your risk of infection. Wash all clothing and equipment regularly and replace items that are worn out.

Being the Healthiest Athlete

Preventing skin damage and promoting skin repair for athletes might not be on the top of your priority list. But protecting your skin health can actually improve your performance by eliminating the distraction of skin conditions.

Protect your skin by keeping it hydrated and healthy. Consider investing in products that promote better skin health, especially for those areas of the body that are under the most stress.

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