Elegance in Tennis Chains

Elegance is a quality that many women aspire to have. It could be how they carry themselves, or it may be in their clothes and accessories.

One accessory that could elevate your style is a tennis chain necklace. This simple yet luxurious necklace goes perfectly with formal attire for special occasions, and it also looks great with jeans and a sweater for casual days.

Match It With A Simple Outfit

Elegance is a quality that shows refinement and dignified propriety. It can be found in everything from your clothing to your behavior. It’s about being graceful and confident but also understanding the importance of respect, empathy, and kindness.

In fashion, elegance is a subtle way of catching people’s attention without being over the top. You can add an elegant touch to your outfit with a tennis chain. This necklace is perfect for pairing with a deep V-neck or halter neckline, as it will help to draw attention to your face.

Another critical aspect of elegance is having good posture. Slouching can make you look unkempt while standing straight, and keeping your shoulders back will give you a sense of confidence and grace. It will also elongate your neck and make you look slimmer. So, remember to maintain a good posture when wearing your tennis chain. It’s a small detail that can make all the difference.

Add A Crazy Pendant

Adding a crazy pendant to your tennis chain is a great way to elevate it and give it a bold look. It looks perfect if you wear a simple outfit, like a silk slip dress or a casual crew neck and jeans.

However, it’s important to note that you must carefully choose what type of pendant you will add. It should be relatively large to weigh down the necklace and prevent it from flipping.

One way to prevent a tennis chain from flipping is to have it soldered, which increases its weight and stability. It is particularly effective for thinner chains. But it’s essential to remember that this method is unsuitable for all tennis chains. Thicker chains are more likely to support a heavier pendant without constantly flipping.

Layer It With Other Necklaces

A tennis chain isn’t just for celebrities swooping down the red carpet; even your everyday look can benefit from elegance. Whether you’re headed out to brunch with your girlfriends or on a third date, this tasteful piece will elevate anything you wear it with.

A popular way to wear a tennis necklace is by pairing it with a slimmer chain. It is an excellent choice for those who have yet to try the double-chain trend and want to add depth to their look without being too overbearing.

Another method for layering a tennis chain is to add a pendant to the mix. It can help prevent the chain from flipping and adds extra weight to your look.

You can also combine a diamond tennis chain with a plain gold chain for an incredibly chic contrast. Stacking chains is a stylish way to show off your style and can help you create a unique look.

Add Statement Earrings

Tennis chains are trendy jewelry pieces for a reason. Their simple design and the fact that they can be worn casually means that they look great with many different styles of outfits. To add a bit of interest to a plain tennis chain, try wearing it with some statement earrings. It will draw attention to your face and make you stand out.

Pairing a thick tennis chain with a matching bracelet makes for a statement piece.

If you want to wear a statement earring with a tennis chain, it’s best not to wear other necklaces. It can make your appearance look cluttered and overcrowded. Instead, pair your tennis chain with a basic stud or a small dainty pendant.

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