Right Product Listing Plugin WordPress
Right Product Listing Plugin WordPress

Choosing the Right Product Listing Plugin WordPress

If you are looking for a product listing plugin WordPress and want to set up a successful online business with that you are in the right location. This article will introduce the best product listing plugin in WordPress and how you can use the plugin features and set up your online Product Listing website. On the other hand we will solve the challenges that you may face in this way by a deep explanation on the different scenarios and logics.

How to Start With WordPress and Listdom Lite?

As you may know WordPress is the most famous CSM when you are talking about making online websites. Working with this amazing CMS is easy and there are lots of online tutorials about this. You can easily set up an online website with WordPress but it does not have any feature to have a product listing website. When you want to create a product listing website with WordPress Listdom which is a product listing plugin for WordPress can help you.

You can install WordPress in your host easily and most of the hosting providers have the easy install feature for this CSM. And then go to the plugins page in WordPress backend and search for Listdom, now you can install and activate Listdom Lite in your website.

Listdom Lite: Free Product Listing Plugin For WordPress

In this section we are going to explain how to set up a product listing website in WordPress with Listdom Lite. It is the best free product listing plugin for WordPress and helps you to set up your online product listing website as easily as how you work with WordPress. When you activate and install and activate Listdom Lite from WordPress repository 2 new menu will add to the WordPress back-end. Listings menu allows you to categorize options and add/manage listings and Listdom menu allows you to show listings in the front-end, create search form and change the settings. Now it is the time to explain each section in detail.

First of all, you need to add the categorized options from the Listings menu. These options will help you to classify the listings when adding them. At this time Litdom supports categories, labels, locations, tags, and features. For example, Software is a great example for the categories in a product listing website.

After that, you need to click on the Add Listings menu and then add some samples or real products as listings. A listing includes title, descriptions, gallery, featured image, price range, working hours, contact information, location address, map address, category, labels, features, tags, and remarks.

Now we can head over to the shortcodes menu in the Listdom and create a shortcode to show the listings in the front-end. As soon as you create a shortcode you can add it to a normal WordPress page with editors or page builders and then show the listings. As you see Listdom shortcodes support so many filters like categories, users, locations, and etc to filter the listings and you can select more than 90 different skins and styles there.

When you talk about a product listing website having different search forms is so critical. Each category or website needs different search forms so Listdom came up with an amazing search builder that with drag and drop functionality you can add different fields to the search form. When you create a search shortcode you can add it to the WordPress pages in the editors or page builders.

The final section is the Settings menu where you can add Google Maps API key, disable/enable front-end packages like font-awesome, listing details page style, archive pages, slugs, custom styles, and etc. There are so many other options which you can see the full details on Listdom official documents.

Listdom Pro: Paid Product Listing Plugin For WordPress

If you are looking for more professional features than Listdom Lite it is good to have a look at Listdom Pro features. It is a paid product listing plugin WordPress and provides you with many advanced and modern features in addition to Listdom Lite features. In this section we will introduce just some of them like front-end add/manage listing dashboard, attributes or custom fields, OpenStreetMap, radius search, and interactive Google Map search. Also there are so many other amazing features which you can see all of them in the Listdom Pro official demo website.

First of all we will talk about front-end add/manage listings, it will allow your users to add their product listings from the front-end instead of accessing the backend. Having this functionality is very easy, you just need to add Listdom front-end dashboard to a WordPress page with editor or a page builder and have it.

Attributes or custom fields are so essential if you want to have different fields than Listdom fields. This feature of Listdom Pro allows users to add custom fields per category or for all categories. For example you can add a Support field for some categories and Downloadable fields for some categories.

If you prefer to have a map provider that does not need an API key then OpenStreetMap and Leaflet library would be the best option. As soon as you install the Listdom Pro Leaflet  option will be added to the map providers and you can use it instead of the Google Map which needs API key.

Radius search and interactive Google Map search are the next features that we will explain. With radius search you can have a field where visitors add an address and then see the listings around that address. In order to have this functionality you just need to add the address field to a search form through the search builder and select the radius search as a method. Google Map interactive search allows visitors to drag and drop on map and see the listings in the map visible area.

With the embed video code feature of Listdom Pro you can YouTube videos to the listings so they will attract more attention from users when they visit. There are so many other advanced features that you can see in the Listdom Pro demo pages.

Listdom Add-ons and Listdomer WordPress Theme

Each Listdom add-on provides some unique functionalities which help you to have a more advanced product listing website. For example, With Listdom Android and IOS mobile apps you can be on smartphones which is a great tool nowadays or with Listdom CSV Importer Addon you can import so many products in bulk with a CSV file. There are more than 25 different add-ons which you can see all of them in the Listdom add-ons official website.

Listdomer is a great product listing WordPress theme which is fully integrated with Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro and Listdom Add-ons. It will provide you responsive, modern and great layouts for Listdom views and you can have whatever you need as a theme for a WordPress product listing website.


Listom Lite, Listdom Pro, Listdom Add-ons, Listdomer theme are the best WordPress solutions to have a procust listing website in WordPress and the Listdom team are there to support you to have a great platform based on your business plan and requirements.

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