What Are the Legal Consequences of Drinking and Driving in Ontario?  

Driving a car requires great responsibility. Alcohol consumption can get in the way of this responsibility. Driving under the effect of alcohol is unlawful in Canada.

What would happen if you are found guilty of drinking and driving? The legal consequences for drunk driving depend on the severity of your case, how you plead and what province or territory you live in.

With the stakes so high, it’s essential to know about the legal consequences before you drink and drive. This will help you stay safe on the roads in Ontario and avoid costly legal consequences.

The consequences can be different depending on how many times you’ve been convicted- so it’s important to know what the laws are in your area. If you want to learn more about the same, head on to Surex. This article will discuss the legal consequences of intoxicated driving in Ontario.

What is the Definition of Drunk Driving?

The “over 80” rule determines the situations for impaired driving or driving under the influence (DUI) in Ontario. You are considered impaired if your blood contains more than 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 mL of blood.

Several factors can influence the exact amount of alcohol required to push you above the limit of 80. Age, gender, body type, weight, and metabolism are all considerations to factor in.

It’s worth noting that your alcohol tolerance isn’t always a factor; someone who can consume more without showing signs of intoxication can nevertheless appear legally impaired if compelled to take a breathalyzer test.

What Does 0.05 Alcohol Mean in Blood Level?

When a person’s blood-alcohol level reaches 0.05 percent, they may begin to exhibit minor memory and cognitive problems. It is likely to harm your driving skill.

It also indicates that you have reached the warm setting. If you’re caught driving with a Concentration of 0.05 percent to 0.08 percent, you’ll face severe punishments.

Consequences of Drinking and Driving in Ontario

Here are some of the situations you would have to face if you get caught while drunk driving in Ontario:

Monetary Penalty

You will practically definitely face a monetary penalty if you are accused of driving under the influence of drugs and plead or are found guilty. In Canada, a first-time conviction for impaired driving typically carries a fine of $1000.

However, it will eventually be determined by your situation and circumstances. If you are convicted, your penalty may be higher depending on the state you live in.

Increased Insurance Premiums

Because drinking and driving are considered a breach of policy conditions in Ontario, you might switch to facility association insurance as an alternative. But, that choice can be prohibitively expensive due to high premiums.

Your insurance rate will inevitably be affected by the severity of your drunk driving conviction in Ontario. If you have a felony conviction, your insurance premiums will be higher than if you have a misdemeanor conviction.

Criminal Charge

You will have a criminal charge against your name if you are convicted, which is neither pleasant nor handy, especially when applying for jobs or having a background check done.

In Ontario, a DUI charge will appear in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)  if it results in a criminal record.

You can request a record ban or remove the DUI record from your background check, but the latter takes at least five years to apply for. But if you’re not guilty and do not have a history, the DUI charge will remain on your record with the police.

Program for Ignition Interlock

If you are a first-time offender, you may be required to participate in the Ignition Interlock program to regain your driver’s license. Most provinces have established this probationary scheme, which requires you to have an interlock ignition device fitted in your vehicle and inspected by a professional regularly.

To establish that you are not under the influence of alcohol, you must blow into it every time you start your automobile and at random intervals throughout the drive.

If you are a first-time lawbreaker in Canada, you must save this maneuver on your car for at least a year. You can, however, request the Ministry of Transportation have the condition detached from your license.

Suspension of your driving license

If you are convicted, one of the most typical consequences is the suspension of your driving license.

Driving licenses are routinely suspended for a year in Canada. Before the judge may return your permit, you must complete specific requirements. The Ignition Interlock Program allows you to get your license suspension reduced for first-time convictions.

Programs for DUI offenders

You must appear in Ontario’s curative measures program, which contains informative and therapy courses from the Back On Track Program, as a share of the principles of getting your license reestablished.

It includes a valuation session, education and behavior workshops, and a 6-month follow-up meeting following the completion of the workshops.

Drinking and Driving: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ever go to jail for driving when drunk?

First-time offenders are usually merely fined. Repeat offenders, on the other hand, may face jail time.

What will happen if you get a DUI for the first time?

A first-time DUI offense in Ontario can result in a fine of up to $1,000 and the loss of your license for up to 30 days.

What happens if you’re caught driving while intoxicated?

The arresting officer has the authority to take you to the police station for two breathalyzer tests. If you test positive, you’ll be facing charges.

What is the authorized limit for driving while drunk?

If a driver in Ontario has more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 mL of blood, they are deemed over the limit.


Before you get behind the wheel, be sure you’re ready to deal with the above penalties of a DUI. It’s important to note that a conviction isn’t always certain. If you have any doubts regarding the charges against you, hire a trustworthy, knowledgeable counsel right once.

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