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4 Essential Tips on Hiring Web Developers 

Brisbane is a city of opportunities. The capital of Queensland is home to some of the biggest multinational and local corporations in Australia. Its Central Business District is filled with headquarters of the leading companies in various industries, including Virgin Australia, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises. ALS, and Boeing.

If you have a small business in Brisbane and intend to compete with your industry’s major players, you need to have a solid digital marketing plan to boost your online presence. But you can only take advantage of this strategy if you have a compelling website that captures your target market’s attention. And hence, you must find a highly-skilled website developer in Brisbane to achieve your goals.

Since there are plenty of website developers working in Brisbane, you must find the right one to provide for your needs. So, here are several ways to help you find a good web developer for your budding company:

Tip #1: Check Out Their Personality Before Their Work Experience

While some companies hire web developers for their previous job experiences, you must prioritise their innate personality as your first consideration when looking for someone to handle your business website. You need to know their level of persistence, drive, determination, and curiosity before you can add them to your team.

By knowing their personality, you will have an idea of how this web developer works. If you are the type of business owner who wants to get results done as fast as possible, you need to find a web developer who works fast and has no problem facing pressure. You should also consider your management style to know the right person or team to work on your web design.

Tip #2: Choose Someone With Aptitude Instead of a Specific Skill Set 

Skills usually become obsolete fast. Most of the time, today’s acquired web development skills are no longer necessary after a couple of years. So it is more important to hire a reliable web developer who can learn new technologies faster than someone who specialises in a single technology but cannot adapt when a new one comes out.

The faster way to check if someone knows how to adapt well is to ask them about the new programming languages they learned recently and their preferred instructional sources to learn new web development tricks. You must also ask them if they attend technology conferences to pick new knowledge. Also, when opting for a web development firm, you may ask about the learning capabilities of their team.

Tip #3: Check Out Their Portfolio

You must look at their previous jobs to understand where they are good at web development. While it does not have to be a major factor in your hiring process, you can gauge what they can contribute to your company through their portfolio.

Their portfolio can also show you the design style of the applicant. It should be something that you can envision for your website. If you like what you see in the portfolio, you can ask them to provide you with something that could work best for your company’s website based on their style.

Tip #4: Check Out References and Testimonials

If the potential web developer has a list of clients who can vouch for their work, you must contact them to ask for their feedback. You may also look for online reviews about their services if they have some.

Client testimonials are better compared to the written information posted on their resume and portfolio. It will also help you determine the person’s professionalism and work ethics since others already had first-hand experiences with the developer.

Finding the best web developer in Brisbane is one of the first steps in having a good digital marketing strategy for your company in the city. If they can create a great website, it will have a huge positive impact on your business’s success.

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