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4 Mileage-specific Rolls Royce Car Care Tips to Know

We all are well aware of the two master brains behind the culmination of Rolls Royce. Their brilliance and innovation were able to craft the ‘best car in the world’. Fast-forward to the twenty-first century, we are able to see the ultimate standard of quality, innovation, craftsmanship, and luxury that every brand aspires to achieve.

Rolls Royce, without any doubt, is one of the most popular luxury cars in the world. Particularly in Dubai, it enjoys unrivaled popularity. The demand for both new and old Rolls Royce is always high. Along with that, there’s a huge number of people who want to rent Rolls Royce in Dubai, thanks to the exceptional driving experience it offers.

When one acquires Rolls Royce and experiences ultimate luxury and prestige, it is equally important to take necessary care. Owning a luxury car means providing luxury care to your car. Luxury car care is itself quite holistic in nature.

On this note, let’s take a look at some mileage-specific maintenance tips for Rolls Royce:

1.  Spark Plugs

When you turn the car keys in, it is the spark plugs that allow your vehicle to start up. These plugs send a spark of electric current from the ignition coil towards the combustion chamber in the engine to start it up. This energy provides the car with the needed power to start up and get rolling.

With car usage, these spark plugs start to fade. Common signs like decreased fuel efficiency, engine misfiring, slow acceleration, or when the car’s engine will not start, all show the need to replace these plugs. There is no one solid reason behind the reduced performance of these spark plugs. Rather, it can be a result of corrosion, damage, automotive techniques, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that these should be changed every 30,000 miles for continued performance unless they are not experiencing any signs of failure.

2.  Oil Checks

You need to change the oil levels of the car if you want to continue enjoying peak performance. The reason is that oil gets contaminated as dirt and debris find their way into that. The thickened and contaminated oil is not reliable and can break down anytime.

As an average man, with little know-how of the car mechanics, experts have provided some quick signs to know if your car needs an oil change. Some common signs include overheating of the car engine, unusual noises between the moving parts, and the dark color of the oil. This shows that oil is now thick and contaminated, making it difficult for the car to deliver its best performance.

In addition to this, car experts generally recommend the oil change every 7500 to 10000 miles. This varies from car types and Rolls Royce models, so be careful to check the car mileage before every oil change. These are also dependent on the type of oil used i.e. conventional or synthetic oil. So make sure to read through for timely oil changes.

3.  Interior and Exterior Clean Check

Rolls Royce’s interior enfolds the passengers in a cocoon of luxury and quiet comfort. The bespoke interior allows you to install the seats, console, and covers of your choice and color and should be regularly cleaned. The same goes for the exterior as one can add the paint and other extra features according to their liking.

However, when traveling a longer distance, make sure to deep clean the car. It is preferable to do it once a week and eliminate any build-up of dust and dirt. Using a microfiber cloth with a leather cleaner/ conditioner, one can do it themselves. Car owners can also visit the professional cleaners that will eliminate all dust particles from the car surface and leave the interior aromatic and worth a luxurious drive experience.

4.  Rotation and Replacement of Tires

Rolls Royce delivers smooth and powerful rides. But it is totally dependent on the condition of the tyres. With tyres rotated and replaced at regular intervals, one can continue to enjoy a steady ride.

However, tyres tend to tear away with usage and one may experience loss of traction, especially during winter drives. These commonly result from tread and drivetrain loss. It is recommended to get them rotated every 5000 to 7500 miles. It prevents them from wearing too much and improves the steering capacity of the cars.

In addition to this, experts estimate that the cars typically last for 50,000 miles, yet it also depends on the terrain that you drive on. Rough terrain can cause quick wear and tear, compared to highways and smooth roads. So keep a check on the car tires and repair them on time.

The Takeaway

Rolls Royce is a major investment, of which one expects comfort and luxury in return. With the incorporation of these mileage-specific maintenance car care tips, one can continue to enjoy a lavish and smooth ride to their destination. If you, however, cannot own it, there’s always the option of renting it and for this, the best choice is One Click Drive. It offers an easy and seamless luxury car rental procedure.

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