Are Kenworth Truck and its Parts Goo

Are Kenworth Truck and its Parts Good?

Heavy trucks are a feature of the US roads. Without the thousands of massive semi-trucks that are present in the USA we would not have food on the table. Nor would shops be stocked with clothes or appliances to buy, or any other goods we take for granted. Some sources say that trucks account for delivery of more than 80% of freight across the USA. That’s an incredible statistic when you think about it.

The heavy truck market in the USA is dominated by mainly US and European brands. One of the longest established and most iconic is Kenworth Trucks. Have a look at these Kenworth Truck Parts at for an idea of the sheer variety of replacement parts and accessories that are dedicated to this much-loved truck maker. So, who are Kenworth trucks, and are they as good a brand as they are made out to be? Let’s have a little history of Kenworth.

Who are Kenworth Trucks?

The truck is, for want of a better word, an American invention. The first trucks came about when people began modifying the trusty Ford Model T buy putting a flat bed on the back. Manufacturers soon recognised the demand for such commercial vehicles and began building them in-house.

Kenworth Trucks was founded almost 100 years ago and has gone from strength to strength since. They now build Class 7 and 8 trucks – the Heavy Truck categories – which are used by truckers and fleets across the USA. Kenworth also has a plant in Australia – the other country using heavy trucks – where its models are very popular.

Now, trucks need maintenance. Many of the parts on a truck are perishable and will need replacing. We want to talk about OEM parts, what they are, and why they are important.

Why Buy OEM Parts?

What are OEM Parts? OEM standards for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer.’ Think of it like this: the tires on a truck will be made by a tire manufacturer. Kenworth will have an agreement with a tire maker to supply the tires for their trucks. That is the OEM for their tires. The same is true of all components that are manufactured by an outside source and brought in as components on the finished vehicle.

Many parts of a Kenworth truck will be manufactured by themselves. For these parts, the OEM is therefore Kenworth. Why is it important to use OEM parts? Quite simply, because they have been chosen by Kenworth for their quality and suitability for the vehicle. The same applies to parts on all vehicles.

Replacing a component with an identical OEM part is not only easier but also keeps the truck running as it should. There may be identical, yet cheaper parts made by another manufacturer, a replica of the OEM in effect, but truckers and fleet managers are advised to steer away from these as they will be of lesser quality.

Keep Your Truck on the Road

Whether you are a fleet manager or you run your own truck it is important that you ensure you keep to the scheduled maintenance plan. Trucks work hard for a living and cover many miles in a year, often in arduous conditions. These vehicles are essential to our lives, and that’s why truckers are held in awe by many in America.

By using a trusted supplier such as that we mention and fitting only quality OEM parts when needed your truck will run efficiently day after day without problems. Keep your Kenworth on the road with quality parts, and you’ll enjoy many more year’s trucking!

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