Indian Fashion Distinct And Special

4 Qualities That Make Indian Fashion Distinct And Special

Are you a traveler who has visited India or a movie fan that loves Bollywood movies? Then you would agree in a heartbeat that India is one of the world’s most famous cultural capitals. Ranging from its diverse religion and architecture to its outstanding music, the second most populated country in the world takes this title. But one thing that should not be missed out or overlooked about India is its unique and outstanding fashion.

Be it Sarees, Dhoti, Kurta, Turbans, and many more are pulling their way through the modern fashion trend and gradually becoming a chosen part of global fashionistas. Let’s reveal the qualities that make Indian fashion unique.

4 Unique Qualities of Indian Fashion

1.   Colour

In the past centuries, color has become a part of India’s consciousness and has connected itself to everything culture, including their buildings, food, and clothes. The first thing you will notice about Indian fashion is the significant array of brilliant colors. From silent tones, monochromes to bolder colors, there is almost no color type you won’t get to see in a typical cultural Indian ceremony, mostly marriage ceremonies. And every one of all the colors that are being displayed has its significant meaning.

2.   Styles

As we all know, your style is a significant way of portraying who you are without saying a word. The amazing thing about India’s fashion is that it consists of various styles, patterns, and textures you can explore. Other traditional outfits like salwar suits, Anarkali, and sarees have changed their purpose. They are being redesigned by the modern Indian fashion designers to satisfy the needs of today’s community. You don’t even have to pay a visit to India just to get to enjoy these styles. There are various websites out there that are focused on Indian clothes and have a wide range of clothing you can choose from.

3.   Mode Of Production

Today’s clothing in India strikes a perfect wage between time-honored traditions and modern practices. With the skillful artistry and design that gets inspired by Indians’ customs and nature, Indian clothing made from traditional processes is some of the most fascinating in the world.

As said earlier, one of the first things you will notice about Indian clothes are their bright and vivid colors. But what you might not realize without being told is that these clothes were made with local dyes that are safe and beautiful. Most of India’s manufactured dyes are still made from environmental materials.

4.   Jewelry

Indian jewelry is as ancient as the Indian civilization. The Greek visitors were surprised at the ancient Indian jewelry and adornment. In recent times, this jewelry has been top-notch. Consistently using a combination, symmetry, orderliness, these adornments have become a significant feature of Indian fashion, mostly for festivities.

Some known Indian jewelry are Nath, Jadanagam, Kada, amongst other jewelry. Every one of these adornments uses a mixture of unique stones, diamonds, gems, and gold.

The traditional clothing for Indian men is known by different names in various countries, like Laacha in Punjabi and Dhuti in Bangla. As a result of the high population in the Punjab regions, Salwar Kameez is normally known as a Punjabi suit. In years past, Saree was being worn without a blouse and petticoats. They were brought into prominence by the wife of a prominent poet, Rabindranath Tagore. Having said all these, the above listed are the qualities that make Indian fashion outstanding and unique.

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