4 Reasons to Consider Keeping Your Landline Phone

Landlines are being dropped in houses all around the US. More than half of US households have no landline at all anymore.

With the rise of cell phones, it seems as if there’s no point in having a landline phone. Gone are the days when every household used them as their primary means of contact!

If you still have a landline, you might be wondering if it’s time to pull the plug and move to cell service only.

Read on to find out why you should keep your home phone service.

  1. Old Friends May Use It

Your landline phone may not have rung in a while, but it may be the only number for you that old friends or family members have.

If you have a cell number, chances are that it’s changed, or you only acquired it in the first place a few years ago.

Your landline number may be much older, and a loved one may try to get in touch through it and not have any other way to reach you.

  1. 911 Can Locate You Faster

Another good reason to keep your landline is that 911 can locate you faster.

Although 911 can usually trace you through a mobile call, the signal is a bit more unreliable and the GPS can be thrown off. It can take them a while to locate your exact position, and in an emergency, that’s no good.

If you call 911 from your home phone, emergency services can find you immediately using advanced technology. You don’t even have to tell them your address because they can send the appropriate people out right away.

This might just be the best reason to keep a landline telephone service!

  1. It’s User-Friendly

Although almost everyone has cell phone service these days, cell phones just aren’t user-friendly for some people.

For example, elderly people might find it difficult to keep up with advancing technology and prefer to use a landline phone.

For the sake of those who might be visiting and staying with you — for example, if you have elderly relatives — keeping your landline is a thoughtful gesture that they’ll appreciate when they need to use your phone.

  1. It Doesn’t Cost Much

It doesn’t cost much to keep a home phone active. If you use a good service (like SuddenLink Authorized Reseller), it doesn’t cost much more than your internet and cable.

If you’re paying for even one of these services anyway, you might as well pay that little bit extra to keep your home phone active.

Consider Keeping Your Home Phone Service

You should consider keeping your home phone service. If you’re already going to pay for internet or cable, adding your landline to the price doesn’t make it that much more at all.

Because 911 can locate you faster, it’s user-friendly, and loved ones you’ve lost touch with might try to get back in contact, it’s well worth the price. Don’t follow the crowd getting rid of their landlines!

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