Car Clean And Smelling Fresh

4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Car Clean And Smelling Fresh

Owning a car makes life easier; there’s no argument about that. Whether it’s getting to work, dropping the kids at school, doing the grocery shopping or running errands. Driving sure beats slow, uncomfortable and crowded public transport.

But it’s important to keep your car looking great. And it’s also important to keep it smelling great.

No one likes to drive or be a passenger, in a musty, stinky, on the nose car.

This informative blog will share four simple ways to keep your car interior clean and smelling fresh.

Invest in a Car Deodoriser

It’s worth always having a car deodoriser in your vehicle. These can be pleasant smelling sprays, objects that can hang from your rearview mirror, or scent dispensers that plug into your air conditioning vent outlets.

A car deodoriser will keep your car smelling pleasant and fresh, making it more enjoyable to drive around – as well as keeping your passengers happy.

There are many different scents to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that you enjoy.

Don’t Smoke or Vape in the Car

Cigarette smoke smells bad when it’s fresh, let alone afterwards. Have you ever been in a smoker’s car? If you have, it’s a smell you won’t soon forget.

Stale smoke hands around, like a literal bad smell. If you smoke in your car, it will stink for ages, and the odour might not ever come out.

If you smoke, try to light up outside your car and finish the cigarette before you get in.

Also, while vaporisers might not smell as bad, the oils and scents in the juice can still linger in an environment, so it’s best not to vape in your car either.

Eating and Drinking

While it may be tempting to get some fast food on the go sometimes, try to avoid eating and drinking anything but water in your car.

If you drop food, especially greasy fast food covered in sauce, that’s a surefire way to ensure your upholstery will become stained and dirty.

Not to mention little crumbs and scraps of food winding up all over your car’s interior.

The same applies to drinking anything but water. Coffee will stain quickly, as will sticky carbonated soft drinks and other drinks like milkshakes or frappes.

Play it safe and stick to water in your car.

You might also want to extend the no eating or drinking anything but water to your friends and family too.

Invest in Floor Mats

Did you know that your shoes are often the dirtiest part of your outfit? After all, they’re always on the ground, and they pick up all manner of dirt, dust and debris.

Now, it’s not always practical to clean your shoes before getting in the car.

This is why it’s a good idea to invest in some floor mats, to go on the floor in the drivers, passengers and the back of your car.

This way, the dirt ends up on the mats, which can be taken out and vacuumed or whacked with a broom to get the dirt off.

This will keep your car’s interior clean and tidy.

Your manufacturer will possibly have some mats which will perfectly match your model.

A Clean Car Conclusion

In this article, we’ve shared four tips to keep your car’s interior looking and smelling fresh.

Invest in a car deodoriser, don’t smoke or vape in the car, no eating and drinking (except water), and invest in some floor mats.

If you follow these steps religiously, your car’s insides will look and smell fantastic for many years to come.

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