4 Steps to Finish your Basement

If you moved into a home that came with an unfinished basement, it is a great opportunity for you to gain equity and add space to your home. Some choose to finish their basement before they move in, others finish soon after they move in, and others wait a while until they really need the extra space. Whatever you decide to do, there are construction companies out there that are willing to help you and be a general contractor for the whole project. This means that they will hire out different jobs in order to get the project done. Or you can choose to act as a general contractor and hire out the jobs yourself as you are ready for them. If you choose to hire out the jobs yourself, you just want to be sure that you are completing everything that needs to do in the correct order. 

Finalize Plans and Frame

You will want to finalize your plans for the space before you do anything else. This means you know where you want rooms to end and start, where the bathroom will be, and if you want cold storage. Once you have finalized the plans and layout for your basement, you will be able to hire someone to come and frame it. This means they will put up the base structure of the rooms and bathrooms. It can be a tedious job and they must be able to follow the layout plans that you have chosen. 

Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical

After you get your walls up, you can hire a plumber. They will be the ones to come out to get your tub, sinks, and toilets a water source so that they will be able to work properly. You will need an HVAC contractor to come out and install ventilations with the heating and cooling if you are wanting to the in your basement. Some choose to not install much HVAC in their basement since it does not get as much use. Hiring an electrician is another crucial piece to completing your basement, as they are the ones that will get electricity to all the places that you need it. For the lights, outlets, and light switches. All of the licensed professionals can help you that much close to completing your basement. 

Drywall and Paint

Once everything is done that is within the walls, you will hire someone to come out to drywall, texture, and paint the walls. This is an important part as well as you are able to see the craftsmanship indefinitely. You will also have to decide the type of texture on your walls and the paint color that you want to be used.

Finishing Touches

Once you have all of the things above done, the rest is finishing work. Such as putting in the flooring, adding trim, attaching the doors, and installing cabinetry and outlet covers. All of these things will help complete the final look of your basement so that you can enjoy it. Once your basement finished, it will feel great and give you the extra space you were looking for! 

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