4 Things To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney Before Your Court Case

When you have been injured and are looking for the compensation you need for medical bills, you will need to obtain a personal injury lawyer to help you get the help you need. Not only can they help you get the attention and compensation you need to heal, but they can also make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of by the insurance company or in court. However, there are a few absolutely critical things you need to ask before choosing your attorney.

How Long Have They Done This?

If you find an attorney that has only been doing this for a short time, you may want to choose someone who knows this area better. It doesn’t mean they are inept. It means they are inexperienced, and that can cost you when it comes to court. For example, someone who is newer may not be as confident and strong. People will notice, and it can hurt your case in the end. That will affect how much money you are going to get. 

How Successful Has The Personal Injury Attorney Been?

Now say you have a personal injury attorney that has been in the business for a long time. How successful have they been at their job? Do they win most of their cases, or have they lost? If they are hesitant to answer, that isn’t a good sign. Most people expect this question because they are curious. Ask politely and oversee their reaction. If they are quick to assure you, it could be a bad sign. Someone successful will most likely answer this question calmly. 

How Much Will They Earn?

This is a question most people are embarrassed to ask, but this is an area where you can get pulled over, which isn’t what you want. Some attorneys take a commission of twenty percent or more on your settlement. Others only make money if you get a settlement, so if you don’t earn anything, they don’t either (keep in mind this is rare); others still will work pro bono. As a result, you need to know what you will have to pay. 

The Insurance Company Wants You To Settle

Another question you will need to ask is why you should or shouldn’t settle with the insurance company. The insurance company’s goal will be to get you to agree because they don’t want to pay you a lot of money. If you settle, they pay you less than they have to. However, if you choose not to settle, you can take the matter to court and take the chance of getting a much higher amount. This is what the attorney will help you with. They will want you to get as much as possible. 

Go Into This With A Clear Head

Going into this knowing what to ask and the information you need will help you win. Get the proper personal injury attorney, and you will have the maximum chance of success. When you have been hurt, take it seriously and ensure that you get the appropriate help to ensure that you can heal properly. 

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