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Manual Proofreading vs Passive to Active Voice Converter: What Option Is the Best one?

It is said that the role of the passive voice is to make sentences retain power, even when they are passive. Like, “I rent an apartment” is a sentence that says something about the person who rents the apartment. The word “rent” makes it sound like it is an action.

The active voice conveys more power and emotion than the passive voice. And therefore, it must become more popular in written communication. With passive to active voice converter, your content can be strong, it can deliver a powerful message, and you can make sure it’s passed on effectively

When Using a Passive Voice Checker Is Helpful

When students are writing, they have to know the difference between passive voice and active voice. Though it is not hard to understand, many people tend to write “The doctor had examined him” instead of “He had been examined by the doctor.”

This is because they do not have any knowledge or awareness about what passive voice means. They think that “the student” means “a person”, but actually it refers to a group of people. So if you want to use passive voice in your writing, please refer to this article first, before you write anything else.

By using the passive voice converter, it is possible to convert a sentence from active to passive with simple clicks and mouse movements. It has the ability to turn every sentence in the English language into a passive one.

Passive to active voice converter is one of the most helpful tools in writing. By converting passive sentences to active, it will change the meaning of the sentence and make it much clearer.

A passive to active voice converter takes the sentence as input and converts it to the active form. It can also take sentences that are not fully formed and convert them into active sentences.

This sentence has a passive voice, which is a common error in writing. With a sentence like “The crying baby spoiled the night”, the writer is losing control over the narrative. It is very tempting to substitute the word “spoil” with “stink” and use an active voice where it is impossible to do so.


Proofreading is the last step before you are ready to write. It’s important to take care of it well so that you don’t have any mistakes in your content.

Proofreading is the process of checking accuracy of your writing before publishing. It includes both factual errors and spelling mistakes, but also content errors such as grammar, which are usually easy to spot.

The first type is proofreading which is done to help users by checking whether they really understand what they’re reading. This type of proofreading covers all the usual things such as grammatical and spelling errors, but also checking for content redundancies, for instance in one paragraph where the same point is made again in another, or repeated information in a table or chart.

  • It is also necessary for your readers to be able to comprehend your text as it is important for them too. Once they realize that they have understood something or other that is of great help in reaching out to them, they do not need any further explanation of what you meant by using those particular words and phrases.
  • Proofreading involves making sure that there are no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and formatting issues. It is not enough to check the last few sentences of the document; you must also look for errors in layout or with certain words or phrases – this goes for everything from headline to subheadings and paragraphs.
  • The whole notion of a proofreader is a relatively new one. In the past, a simple human being who could correct mistakes wasn’t needed at all.
  • A proofreader should be able to spot typos, grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and other common writing errors. When you are writing your paper or essay, there are so many things that can go wrong.

You should not think of passive to active converter as a replacement for proofreading, though it may help if you need to do some editing on content before it goes live on the web. It just helps you efficiently proofread your content, fixing spelling errors and spotting typos quickly without having to read through multiple versions of your work.



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