Meal Prep like a Pro

4 Tips to Meal Prep like a Pro

Meal prepping helps you plan ahead by cooking ready-to-eat meals for the future. If you are heading home, and you’re exhausted, you can pull out your food, heat and you’re ready to eat within minutes. It can involve full-course or partial meals, veggies, or salad dressing to take you through the week.

The following explains why you need to meal prep, and the tips to guide do so like a pro.

Reasons to prep meals

Creating a diet plan

Dieting can be challenging, especially if you have a lot on your schedule. You will not have a lot of time to think about your diet, and you might end up buying fast foods to fill up. Meal prepping is an advantage to having a solid diet plan. You’ll have a good overview of what you are consuming. For example, you can count your calories.

Its saves time and money

Meal prepping will save your money and time. When you have an organized meal plan, you will spend less money shopping and time preparing meals. For example, you might spend more money eating out, yet you can use a fraction of it to shop for your cooking ingredients. You will use less time heating your food every day because you can do so within a convenient schedule.

Tips to meal prep like a pro

Choose prepping method

The meal prepping methods include;

  • Fully cooked meal prep– involves cooking full-course meals. You won’t have to cook extra salads or veggies before eating because you’ll have everything ready.
  • Partial meal prep- you won’t have everything ready to eat in your meal plan. You can leave out the fast to cook meals like salads. But, you’ll use more effort and time to have your food ready.

Choose between the two methods depending on the amount of time you have. A fully cooked meal prep is the most efficient because you’ll only need to heat your food when you want to eat.

Plan your meals and recipes

Preparation is vital to success in meal prepping. It makes your life easier because you can have a comprehensive plan to prepare healthy meals. You’ll achieve high-quality nutrition with a good variety of food and the ingredients, you use. It can be a long to-do list but it will save you in the long run.

Focus on storage

A Better Weigh recommends stackable, freezer-, dishwasher- and microwave-safe containers to store your meals. They should be airtight and of high quality. You won’t have to replace them regularly which saves your money and time you use looking for new ones. Having a variety of container sizes helps you store different types of foods. For example, you can separate the dressing and sauces from your main meals.

Track stock

It is a game plan to estimate and plan for the time your meals will last. For example, there are periods when you will eat more or less. You will expect situations when food runs out. With time you’ll learn more about your eating habit and you can plan accordingly.

Final thoughts

There is no correct or wrong way for meal prepping. Have a decent plan, put it in place and track the progress. You’ll find out what does not fit your plan and the things that work best. You do not have to be perfect in meal prepping. Follow the tips we provided you and you’ll be a pro in meal prepping within no time.

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