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What makes employees learn online at work

Sometimes, by doing the same job every day, we become bored and tired. In the end, it results in extremely fatigued case, where we are out of new ideas, innovation and creativity. It’s because, we can’t find the necessary time for self-education. Besides having your regular job, it’s needed for experienced employees to have an access to an online learning environment and constantly gaining new useful skills. Taking lessons from online training platforms will definitely lead to better results in a workplace. Here we come across to a question: How to attract employees to learn online at work?

Find training that fits your workplace

Check to see if you deliver the right information to the right audience in right way at the right time!  Does it address the concerns and gaps of your employees? Which way do employees prefer to take the training? For example, if your employees prefer to learn online using their mobile phones, then you should deliver a mobile-friendly training. Make sure to create a well-organized training that has relevant and enjoyable content specifically for your employees.

How can you make sure the training is relevant? Ask questions! This way you will exactly know what your employees need. Getting feedback from them is an essential part of creating successful and engaging e-learning course. Instead of being reactive, try to be proactive by identifying and resolving the issues before even raised. By the time learners across their questions, you will already have the answers delivered to them.

Crate engagement around training

Improve employee engagement and give them interactive moments. Even when they learn online at work, people love to have fun. Adding videos and quizzes can increase the engagement with your content.

Measure success with tracking

Give them some methods to assess their online learning process and outcome. Choose an LMS that has a variety of tools to do this, for example, create exams after each topic and make your employees constantly pass those and try to become better at it. People enjoy taking tests when at the same time track their progress.

When choosing a new online learning management system (LMS) for your employees, get detailed information about features.

Promote training culture in the company!

Culture is an important factor. Your employees need to realize the profound influence of online training both for them and for the company. Team leaders and managers, those in charge, should lead the communication around the importance of the training. They should think of ways to show staff the benefits of e-Learning in the workplace for employee development both personally and professionally.

Also, do not always use mandatory training option. Employees need to comprehend the importance and take their own actions for getting the training done.

Stay current and relevant

Nowadays, it is very important to constantly gain new skills and improve knowledge to stay up to date with latest technologies. There is always a new skill or software to learn. By staying compliant, employees provide a competitive edge for the company.

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