5 Best App Development Companies Globally in 2021

Looking for a leading App Development company? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you the top 5 App Development companies that can provide you with incredibly made, easy-to-use, professional Mobile Apps. 


SOVTECH is by far one of the best app development software companies in the market these days. With their incredible, award-winning services, you can get an innovation platform designed for you. You can get the perfect app developed by their team of professionals, who use an excellent mix of artistry, elite software development expertise, and engineering to create world-class software solutions.

Following are the supreme services provided by them;

Custom Applications

They offer custom apps to build innovative custom web, mobile, blockchain, and enterprise software. 

Agile Scrum Teams

You can hire full-stack javascript agile scrum development teams. You can also request entire software teams, which are available globally. 

App Maintenance

They make continuous application improvement through optimisation, as well as maintenance of infrastructure.

Overall, SovTech is well-known for its fast services and 100% customer satisfaction. They are a team of expert software developers who continuously deliver the very best software solutions. They do this by working with the most advanced technologies and cloud software to satisfy each clients’ unique business needs. Hence, proving that they are the leaders in this field, and this is the reason why leading companies trust them. 

2. GeekyAnts

GeekyAnts is the next one on our list because this company is also a top app development company. They specialize in creating top-notch solutions for the web and mobile. And that transforms industries and drives innovation. Their team of highly skilled professionals holds expertise in state-of-the-art technologies. Like React, React Native, Flutter, Angular, Vue, NodeJS, Python, Svelte, and more. So, you can trust that they will develop an app for you that will best fit your requirements. 

GeekyAnts have worked with many clients globally and is well trusted in the app development industry. This is because of their high customer satisfaction rate. Other than incredible app development services, they also offer UI/UX design, Business Analysis, Product Management, DevOps, QA, API Development, Delivery & Support, etc. So, you can completely trust them with your app development project. 

3. SEM Nexus

Our top 3rd pick for the best app development companies is SEM Nexus. This company is one of the hottest, most in-demand mobile app development companies in the world these days. The pricing is super affordable, but the services are elite. Their team of professionals knows what they are doing and are experts in their field, so you can completely trust them. 

SEM Nexus uses a combination of AppStore, ASO, and Playstore ads, social media ads, and influencers to acquire users. They are followed by in-app analytics to retain active and paying users. Their great concept campaign will aid you in quickly proving that your App is capable of being a super success.

4. VironIT

VironIT is another fantastic custom software development company with tremendous success globally. This can be seen because they are among the top 15 Belarus software development companies selected by Clutch. They have provided their trustworthy and premium quality services to large companies and individuals too.

Their elite expert team can work on complex projects in a perfect strategic manner. It will satisfy all your requirements thoroughly. 

Their software development process is highly focused on fulfilling the specific requirements of their clients. They work by choosing optimal solutions for them. 

They have tons of experience in media and entertainment, game development, medicine, the public sector, banking, gambling, and more. And have many years’ worth of experience to provide such superior, top-notch services. 

5. The NineHertz

NineHertz is also one of the most top-notch, leading app development companies in the World. It has been offering high-quality business solutions since 2008. They have built trust in the market by developing more than 1000 premium quality apps. They make mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

Their team is experts in several technology domains, including mobile app development, web development, Salesforce, digital marketing, emerging technologies like IoT, AR/VR, iBeacon, etc. Some notable companies they have worked for and satisfied are Samsung, Airtel, Pepsi, Casio, Vodafone, and Siemens. 

So you know that you will get your money’s worth from a company this professional. Other than that, to further ensure that you can completely trust NineHertz mobile app development services. Know that they are Microsoft certified professionals and members of NASSCOM too.

Wrapping up!

These are the leading mobile app development companies globally that are highly trusted by big shots. They are known for their satisfactory services and top-notch expert-level mobile app development. So you can get your money’s worth. Now, we hope that you found our article helpful and will be able to get a best-selling top-notch mobile app made for you in just a short time.

A little wrap-up reminder for you: SovTech’s expertise lies in Custom Software Development, Mobile and Web App Development, UI/UX Design, Software Maintenance, and Outsourcing Software Development Teams. so, to get started with a no-obligation quotation on software solutions and other custom software services contact SovTech today.

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