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How to Use Elementor with AMP, Make Elements Sticky in Elementor?

Using elementor with amp necessitates a plugin.  While enabling AMP on a website is crucial for SEO, doing so might have a negative influence on the site’s style and layout; however, we have a fantastic plugin called “elementor compatibility with amp” to help us out. Know all about it in this article.

What is Elementor?

WordPress users may utilise the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder. With this add-on, you can use a visual editor to design stunning web pages with ease. It is meant to let you quickly create dynamic web pages.

This WordPress plugin is a one-stop shop, allowing you to manage every facet of your site’s appearance from a central location. With transition effects, different fonts, and improved background graphics, your website may be tailored to your particular brand’s needs.

The WordPress plugin Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder. This add-on provides a visual editor to assist in the creation of appealing web pages. You may swiftly create dynamic web pages with its help.

This plugin for WordPress is a one-stop-shop, allowing you to manage every facet of your site’s appearance from a central location. With transition effects, different fonts, and improved background photos, you can make your website seem just as you want it to for your business.

If you’re using WordPress, you should check out Elementor, a page builder that uses a drag-and-drop interface. This add-on provides a visual editor to assist in the creation of appealing web pages. It is made to let you easily create dynamic web pages.

This WordPress add-on is a one-stop shop, allowing you to manage every facet of your site’s appearance from a central location. You can make your website seem exactly as you want it to by playing with the site’s backdrop, fonts, and animations. Check out the website PrimApp German to understand how elementor can design a beautiful website.

Benefits of using Elementor

Easily create websites that are fast

It’s important to have a fast and simple approach that yields excellent outcomes when creating a new website. Thanks to Elementor, running a website is a breeze, which means designs can be put together fast for clients without making them wait for extended periods of time. Creating a new website may be a time-consuming and stressful experience if you don’t have Elementor’s powerful features. You may create a one-of-a-kind website with ease and power using the builder’s versatile fonts, upgraded backdrop photos, and motion effects.

You’re free to choose any aspect of the theme you choose.

With Elementor Pro, you can easily create a visual layout for your whole website. You may now make all the decisions about your site, rather than having to settle with a premade theme. This allows you to provide customers what they want and make a site that accurately represents their brand. This also implies that your site can undergo modifications as necessary.

Professional level add-ons

There are several essential widgets and functions included into Elementor Pro that are necessary for every web designer or developer. Slideshows, media carousels, and dynamic headlines are just some of the things it provides. You can’t have a professional-looking website without them; they make your site stand out from the competition.

Lets you make websites that also work well on small screen devices

It’s crucial to keep mobile users in mind while designing a website. Within Elementor, you’ll find features that let you adjust the layout so that it looks great on every screen size. Your pre-designed pages may be seen in mobile, PC/laptop, or tablet mode, allowing you to make adjustments to ensure a proper fit across all devices. To ensure that your site looks good and functions properly across all devices, you may utilise the responsive mode to make any necessary adjustments. With these resources, you may build a website that displays properly on any mobile device.

What is AMP?

“Accelerated Mobile Pages” is the abbreviation for “AMP.” It’s an open-source framework that was developed by Google and a number of other media and software firms. With AMP, you can make lightweight mobile pages that load in a flash. The usage of a Content Delivery Network and a smaller number of JavaScript and CSS components are two defining characteristics of AMP. Mobile device searches have surpassed desktop in popularity. Speedy page loads for mobile users was the driving force behind the development of the open-source framework “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (AMP). This was done in response to concerns voiced by publishers and businesses about the need for faster page loads.

Benefits of using AMP

Over the past decade, smartphones have surpassed desktop PCs as the preferred method of accessing the internet in numerous fields and nations. On the way to work, we often use our phones to research nearby dining options, do some online shopping, or catch up on the news. Quick page loads are crucial for mobile users. At three seconds, it’s thought to be too late to do anything. Many people who use the web on their phones may quickly abandon a page if it takes too long to load.

The premise behind AMP is sound since it facilitates the development of mobile-friendly websites with minimal load times. When data transfer is sluggish, AMP ensures the best possible conditions for a mobile page to load rapidly. Specifically, it reduces the number of JavaScript and CSS components a website needs, making it such that just a minimal set of files has to be downloaded before it can be seen. You can see the amp version of TipTop to learn more.

Can Elementor be Used with Amp?

You may use elementor with amp, but the “amp for wordpress plugin by Ahmed kalaudi” is highly recommended. You’ll need the “elementor compatibility for amp” plugin to combine the two platforms’ use of elementor. If you’d want to purchase the plugin’s official version from the developer, you may do so by clicking here.

How can I integrate elementor and amp?

We’ve already established that maintaining elementor design in the amp version necessitates a plugin named elementor compatibility for amp.

  • When you’ve finished installing the elementor plugin for the amp, go to amp > setup > third-party compatibility > check elementor for amp.
  • To return to the settings screen, click the Elementor Backing
  • Finally, you’re ready to utilise elementor with the amp.

Where can I get instructions on making components in Elementor stick?

With the help of a plugin called “jet tricks,” you can make any element in elementor sticky.


In conclusion, You may make a Section or Widget “sticky” so that it remains at the top or bottom of the screen when you scroll with the Sticky Scrolling Effect. This is highly advantageous and the process to do so is mentioned in this article.

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