5 Best ESL Games to Learn English

Games are the best way of learning languages. They make the learning process easy and enjoyable. They motivate you, teach you complex topics within minutes and make concepts easy for you. You will be enjoying it as well as learning English skills. As in the games, you don’t have to cram complex theories and different lists of words, knowledge you will get from the games will remain with you forever.

Most of the time, adults feel ashamed of playing games assuming that it is only for kids. They prefer to cram the lists of nouns that start with Y or active-passive rules but will not try different games to learn a language.

This approach is wrong!

The language games help you in acquiring English skills without getting bored. Research has shown that things learned through games remain with us forever. We learned to apply the skills in our lives.

I am going to discuss some amazing games with you. Learn about them and apply them.

  1. Sentence game:

This game has different versions.

A person or team will write a word on the paper in one version. For example, someone writes volleyball on paper or a whiteboard. One team is supposed to create a sentence of that word. After that, the second team has to make a complex sentence of that word. And after that, the first team has to write more complex or long sentences than the second team. A timer will be going on in the background. If the time finishes and a team fails to write a more complex sentence, it will lose the game.

In another version, a team can write a disorganized sentence. For example, basketball love play I to. The other team has to guess it and have to organize it. Then, that team will write a disorganized sentence for the first team.

If you are playing it in the classroom, the teacher can divide you into two groups for the challenge.

This game will improve your grammar.

  1. Dictionary Game:

In it, you can select a complex word from a dictionary, and ask others to write that word’s definition. Students will guess the meaning and will write the definition on paper. After that, all papers would be collected and the definitions should be read out loud to other fellows. They will vote for the definitions they think are correct. The person who has written the correct definition and those who have voted for it will win the points.

This game will enhance your English vocabulary.

  1. Taboo game:

In it, you can give a set of words to other members that they are not supposed to use in their writing piece.

Let me explain this game through an example.

Suppose you give a person a challenge to write a note on his favorite food. With the topic, give him a set of words he can’t use in his paragraph. You can give him taboo words, “delicious and healthy”. Now, he has to use synonyms for these words.

This game will enhance your writing skills, cognitive skills and vocabulary.

  1. Secret Message:

An interesting game to enhance your listening skills!

In it, every group member has to sit in a circle with a pen and paper. A person will generate a complex sentence and has to whisper it in another person’s ear. That person has to write that sentence on the paper and have to whisper it to another one. The trail will keep going on till the last person. The last person will speak out the sentence, and the first person will identify whether the sentence is correct or not.

Writing the sentence on paper is imperative as it will help in identifying the person who has committed the mistake.

  1. Roleplay game:

In this, think about a scenario, for example, a phone call to an office’s administration or complaining to a restaurant’s manager or any interview. Think of roles, write them on chits and ask your friends to pick any random one. Every person has to perform that role play written on his chosen chit.

Give yourself two minutes to mentally prepare yourself and try to play the role. Make someone jury who will observe your role play and give you numbers.

If you are going to play it in the classroom, the teacher can assign you roles and would judge you.

This game will enhance your communication skills and listening skills.

These are some of the games which you can play in groups. You can play them in the classroom setting or at your home with your friends. You will feel the difference after playing the games. If you don’t have any friend groups or classrooms, you can go for online games. There are abundant online and physical games which will help language students. Play them and learn English in no time.

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