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5 Best Quality High-End Vape Mods In 2021

Vape Mods have opened the world of possibilities as far as vaping is concerned. Today, enthusiast vapers wishing to get the most out of their vaping experience are now looking at the unlimited options when picking vape devices. For beginners, keeping the costs down and going for a pretty simple vape mod probably serves them best.

But as vaping experience grows, the quality of the devices becomes more and more important. So, spending a little extra to acquire high-end vape mods becomes much more meaningful. To most people, these high-end models may be a means to display social status and serve more like a fashionable accessory.

Why High-End Vape Mods

If you’re heading in the market for the latest vape mods, you’ll find various options delivering different functionalities. The mods are available for all sets of users, depending on what features you’re looking for. But the quality of the vape mod is what differentiates high-end vape mods and cheaper vape mods.

For cheap vape mods, there’s always a cost to pay. Some are not made from the highest-quality materials and may not be reliable in the long run. This, however, isn’t the same case for high-end quality vape mods, as they put quality and dependability above any other feature.

You stand to get the most out of their enhanced specs, advanced features, and more customizable features. Some even provide  vaping and temperature-controlled vaping for those seeking big vapor production and smoother hits. This review focuses on ‏the five best high-end vape mods in the market that provide you with a fantastic vaping experience.

  1. Voopoo Drag Mini

This high-powered durable vape mod borrows most of its features from Voopoo Drag, albeit in a minimalist way. However, this doesn’t interfere with its functionality in any way. If anything, the mod provides superb functionality powered by a 4400mAh rechargeable battery.

Just like most Voopoo Drag vape mods, the Drag Mini is also fitted with the GENE.FIT chip. It is, therefore, free from dust and liquid burnouts. The chip will also extend the life of the coils even when you invoke its super-fast firing capabilities.

Voopoo Drag mini is among the few high-end vape mods that allow you complete customization of your vape. You can adjust your battery, modify your flavors, and even choose your cloud settings. These, together with a compact and colorful body, make it a sleek, high-end mod worth every penny.

  1. Paranormal/ Lost Vape

The Paranormal Vape mod from Lost Vape is a dual 18650 battery box mod featuring a classy design, among other top features. It’s your typical standard vape mod if you’re looking for both aesthetics and functionality.

Its main design features include panels on the larger faces that exist in different designs and colors. The vape’s body is also covered in glossy black with a simple front face featuring the standout circular fire button. Small display screens make controlling some of the features and other settings quite simple for beginners.

For vapers in love with temperature-controlled vaping paranormal vape mod has you covered. The mod even features a boost mode for an extra punch when drawing in the first vapor. Even so, one feature that sums up the mod’s high-end qualities is the “replay” mode. This feature affords you the exact hit performance as you did with the previous one.

  1. Otto Carter Vape Mod

Otto Carter vape mod boasts an incredible art more than its functionality. To acquire one of these high-end vapes, you’ll need to dig deeper into your pockets just as you’d with other creations in the Otto Carter vape collection.

The vape mod has modern hand engravings that make it stand out among all other vape mods in the market. At first sight, you’ll notice how the engravings on this vape mod are classic and luxurious altogether. And even though you pay more, you’ll be guaranteed a unique and customized vape mod design.

  1. Geek Vape Aegis Solo

The Geek vape aegis vape mod features a lasting and compact design that’s smaller than most of the Aegis vape mods. In addition, the vape boasts shock and water resistance features to allow you a better vaping experience regardless of the surrounding natural elements.

Geek vape Solo boasts a 5.5ml Cerberus tank that allows you to use more vape juice for longer vaping sessions. This happens without having to top up more e-juice. It also comes with a 0.3ohm Aero replaceable coil that’ll allow you to vape between 30 and 40 watts.

The vape mod comes with a separate 18650 battery which gives you 100 watts of power. It also features a pre-installed AS chipset that monitors the mod’s performance for efficient power usage. Similarly, you’ll be amazed at its LED screen that allows you to control wattage, adjust screen settings, and even count your puffs.

  1. Dovpo Odin Mini

Dovpo Odin Mini is an excellent addition to the Odin vape mod range that comes with excellent features. It includes a chip that allows you to select vaping options as per your vaping needs.

Dovpo Odin vape mod has an OLED screen that’s easy to read and interpret the settings, even for beginners. It also has a quick ramp-up time and excellent battery life. Other top features that make this vape mod worth the price include excellent temperature control, efficient battery use, and better thermal management.

Final Thought

The increase in the number of vapers has propelled many companies to create and design vape mods that suit everyone’s preferences. No matter what class or style of vaping you prefer, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of high-end vape mods. This will elevate your vaping experience.

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