5 Tips For Saving Money When You’re A Vaper

Money is a common driving force for smokers to switch to vaping. That said, it does not mean that vaping costs are insignificant. While it offers a cost-benefit compared to cigarettes, the vaping habit does take up a large portion of your monthly budget.

Over time, the cumulative costs of vaping can be huge, especially with replacements, refills, and some updations. So what is the way to pursue the habit without letting it cut a deep hole in your pocket? Well, here are five valuable tips that can enable you to vape on a budget.

1. Reconsider The Hardware

The hardware or the kit, battery, and tank are the most critical components of vaping. These parts also influence your vape budget as they are typically the most expensive investment you will make.

New vapers are quite excited about newly taking up vaping. They tend to invest in high-end devices offering versatile capabilities. But such large expenses may not pan out to provide benefits, especially before you understand the nuances of vaping. The best advice is to go small and wait till you get the grip of it.

MLT or Mouth to Lung vaping kits are usually the best choices to vape on budget. These mods are slightly budget-friendly compared to others, making them a practical option. You can explore the high quality juno vape pods to identify the best designs for you.

Eventually, you can move to sub-ohm tanks that offer improved vapor production and throat hit. But remember to scout for devices that have rechargeable and replaceable batteries. Tanks with built-in batteries become useless when the batteries reach their charge lifecycle limit. It means you need to buy a new device to continue vaping. Removable batteries, on the other hand, are significantly cheaper and very easy to switch. You can replace the batteries quickly and save your money.

2. Mix Your Liquids

E-liquids are a repeated expense for any vaper. Based on the frequency of use, these costs can build up to be high after a while. One of the straightforward ways to manage this expense would be to spend time creating your very own e-liquids at home.

There are some common ways of doing this. In the first case, you can purchase underfilled bottles with low or no nicotine content. These liquids are comparatively cheaper than nicotine-infused liquids. Separately buy concentrated nicotine booster shots and simply add the appropriate dosage to the e-liquid and mix. Although the process will reduce nicotine concentration, it is a budget-friendly and straightforward way of creating nicotine liquids at home.

In the second case, you can pursue DIY methods to create e-liquids from scratch. While it requires more time and effort, you can save a lot of money through this process. You can prepare large batches of e-liquid with one or different flavorings and store it in containers for a long duration. As long as you utilize the correct technique to store, your regular e-liquid need is met for a long time at optimal costs.

3. Switch Your Coils

Coils are the heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid. They have a lifespan post which their performance starts to degrade, causing difficulties in vaporization. The best way to avoid frequent coil replacement is to choose the right type and materials for the coil.

A simple way to save up while vaping is to switch to high ohm coils that offer increased resistance.  They require significantly lower power to operate. They also take up smaller quantities of e-liquids to produce vapor, thus reflecting more cost savings.

Also, using mesh vape coils instead of regular ones offer more surface area that delivers enhanced flavors with minimal vape juice usage. It reduces hotspots or burnt spots in the coil that extends its lifespan.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of coils also minimize the need for replacement. It reduces the chances of vape coil burning and produces optimal nicotine and flavor experience even with little e-juice and power, thus saving overall costs.

4. Work On Your Vaping Style

One of the most common vaping mistakes that leads to significant expenses is using the wrong technique. Transitional smokers often use vape devices like cigarettes. It is not only a waste of e-juice, but it also damages the vape device.

Avoid chain vaping techniques or continuous draws like smoking a cigarette. Take deep, long draws and let the vapors linger to enjoy it thoroughly. If you feel like the method is not satisfying your cravings, you might increase the nicotine concentration to cope with this problem.

Also, switch to low-wattage vape devices as they consume less power and less juice. While it may not produce as many vapor clouds, it will still contribute to considerable savings.

5. Explore Online Stores – Discounts & Sales

Online shopping is the best destination to leverage significant discounts and deals. Companies introduce several promotional offers and sales throughout the year to help you shop for your vaping needs at lower prices.

Subscribe to newsletters of your favorite vape shops, and follow popular vape influencers on social media to know about the many offers currently available.


Vapers often turn to low-quality products to keep their vaping expenditures low. But this could cost the safety and efficacy of the process. Here we have discussed some of the most efficient ways in which you can cut down vaping costs. This way, you can continue to enjoy the explosion of extraordinary flavors without necessarily compromising on your budget or quality of products.

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