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How Many Hits Does A Stig Vape Have? Discover the Answer!

Stig is a compact device that comes prefilled with e-liquid at 1.2 milliliters of highly concentrated nicotine presence.

Each Stig comes in a set of 3, and each stick of Stig is said to have roughly contained about 280-300 puffs of vapor that send a rush down your body. Therefore, you don’t have to wonder how many hits does a Stig vape have anymore because of how efficient they are. Stigs last approximately 60 days or more, depending on how frequent and heavy of a smoker you are.

There is still much more you need to know to make the transition to Stig easier. Here, we will discuss all Stig to help you with the transition.

What is a Stig Vape?

The Stig Disposable Vapes are here to rebrand and change vaping for users completely. It is a revolutionary and innovative form of vaping all-in-one pod device. Unlike traditional vaping devices, Stig is here to change how you are used to carrying and vaping.

It comes free from any buttons, requires no refilling, and does not require to be recharged or primed. Its tiny, discreet, and portable size makes it easy to carry or even conceal in the palm of your hand when needed. Therefore, making it the best for to-go or travels.

The Stig can leave the users with an intensely gratifying experience that lasts way longer than any traditional vape or smoking multiple cigarettes would. It comes with highly concentrated salt-based nicotine that offers quick absorption in the blood and helps leave a long-lasting effect.

To be specific, the Stig also is known for its exceptional hit in the throat that most cigarette smokers crave. Since these don’t require to be recharged or refilled, they only last so long. However, the pack comes in a set of 3 sticks and lasts quite an impressive amount of time.

One reason why you should buy a stig pod is if you are trying to quit smoking for good. It lasts much longer than regular packs of cigarettes. The drawing of the vapor, flavor, aftertaste, and the hit on the throat with this remains unmatched by most vapes and any cigarette. Being so minimalistic and low maintenance also allows the user to be free from worrying about the charge or the battery and can enjoy it on the go any time.

How Many Hits Does A Usual Stig Vape Have?

Stigs are quite efficient regarding the number of puffs in them. It may not seem like it, but each Stig is larger and long-lasting compared to a regular pack of cigarettes. A regular pack of cigarettes contains roughly about 20 cigarettes. Meanwhile, each Stig has been proven to be more than enough and long-lasting compared to a pack of cigarettes. Since Stig comes in a pack of three, they have proven to be way more long-lasting and cost-efficient than traditional cigarettes.

In numbers, you may expect to get roughly around 280-300 puffs out of each Stig stick that comes with 1.2 litres of prefill-flavored e-liquid. However, it all depends on how much of a smoker you are. If you are an avid smoker who draws in heavier and deeper vapors than usual, you may notice you run out of the flavor-filled liquid on it much quicker compared to others. However, even then, it should last you longer than a pack of cigarettes would last.

But if you are an amateur and want to try vaping, you’re in luck! It has an exceptional quality of vapor output, drawing vapor, and an incredibly smooth nicotine rush compared to any other form of nicotine intake.

How Does A Stig Vape Work?

Using a Stig vape is about as simple as it gets. It comes free from all the burdens of being charged, refilled, pressed on, and repurchased. Being as low maintenance as it is, it most certainly delivers a quality experience and ensures satisfaction each time.

However, the way that Stig works is rather fascinating. Take a look at down below to find out exactly how it works and how to smoke it –

Understanding The Contents

Stig is a very basic device that anyone and everyone can use. It comes pre-filled with a 1.2 milliliters of fluid of your choice. The 1.2 milliliters of fluid is available in different flavors that you can pick from. While having more options for flavors would be nice, the available 4 flavors for Stig are –

  • Tropical mango
  • Lush ice
  • Mighty mint
  • Cubano

While the options of flavors are quite limited, they are quite satisfying. Each of these flavors contains the same amount of nicotine to offer an unforgettable rush. All 4 of these flavors are sure to satisfy anyone’s needs and satisfy their nicotine cravings.

All you need to do is decide and pick a flavor of your choice to stick to. With this, you don’t have to worry about the flavor’s longevity or recharge it like you would with a traditional vape. Enough flavored fluid is in each stick to outlast you a full pack of cigarettes.

Draw and Inhale

Once you have decided on a flavor, you must draw in the vapor from the mouthpiece and decide how to inhale it. You can either inhale mouth-to-lung or directly to the lung. Either way, you draw the vapor in and will surely experience that iconic “HIT” in the throat with these vapes.

Since Stig is highly concentrated with SaltNic e-liquid, it ensures a potent and strong hit each time. There are no buttons or attachments, or connectors on it that you may need to draw the vapor in.

Therefore, with the Stig, you are always ready to take a puff and enjoy the rush down your body. Simply just place your mouth on the mouthpiece and draw the vapor in. And you’re done! It is a very simple yet fulfilling contraption that satisfies all your needs.

Bottom Line

Stigs are highly raved about if you want to make your transition of quitting cigarette smoking or at least switching to vapes. The devices are simple to work with, ensuring an incredible hit each time. These come in a pack of 3 and last an impressive amount of time, even if you are a very heavy smoker.

Compared to a traditional cigarette pack that contains about 20 cigarettes each, with each Stig, you should be able to last a minimum of 3 weeks at the very least, if not more. This means, with Stig, you don’t have to wonder how many hits does a stig vape have because it is most certainly enough! So, worry no further; enjoy each puff of your Stig, and rest easy.

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