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4 Effective Dental Solutions You Should Consider Trying

The dental field is constantly evolving and providing new treatments for issues surrounding your teeth. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at the evolution of braces. In the 1900s, a lot of braces required full-on headgear to accomplish the job and they were extremely impractical to wear. Nowadays, braces can be extremely concealed, making it so no one even knows that you are wearing them.

When it comes to dental solutions, however, there is more than just braces out there. There are now plenty of different solutions that you can look to try out if you want to go for something different. Keep in mind however that the solution you decide on has to work for your mouth and the situation you are in. Here are several effective dental solutions that you should consider trying.

Invisible Teeth Aligners

Invisible teeth aligners are one of the best dental alternatives out there for braces. They work in a similar way which is that they help to reduce crowding in your mouth and also work to re-align your crooked or misaligned teeth. They work great if you have minor corrections that have to be made. What makes these so great?

The first thing is the fact that they are invisible. People are self-conscious about braces and therefore as a result, less is more. If you can hide your dental care in your smile, you are going to be much happier as a result. The second reason why these aligners are so great is that they can be removed at your convenience. Are you going out to a party or a function and don’t want to worry about your aligners? Simply take them out and you are ready to go on with your function.

How can you go about getting teeth aligners? While you can go to your orthodontist to help you out, this can typically result in you paying extremely high prices. You can contact companies directly and have them create a pair of aligners for you based upon your mouth. All you have to do is have an impression done and they will work from there.

There are a lot of companies out there that will help you as well. You can check out this comparison of Byte and AlignerCo teeth aligners to better understand what these aligners do. This can also help you decide on what is best for your mouth. Invisible teeth aligners are a great solution to braces if you are looking for an alternative to straighten your mouth.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are very similar to regular braces in the fact that they use wires and brackets, however, they are used at the back of the teeth instead of the front. This means that everything is completely hidden from the public and no one will have any idea that you have them. Lingual braces do come with their downsides, however.

Because they are at the back of your mouth, they can be quite difficult to clean. They also aren’t suitable for people who have an overbite or have small teeth as it can be difficult to attach everything at the back. That being said, if you are eligible for lingual braces and want to keep everything hidden, it is a great alternative to regular braces.


If your teeth have been chipped or slightly misshapen over the years, you might want to consider veneers to help you out. Veneers work to improve the appearance of your teeth and make your smile look that much better. A thin portion of your tooth is going to be removed, after that, a custom-made veneer is going to be placed on the front of your tooth and will act as a new shell. Ceramic veneers are generally more recommended over resin veneers as they are more durable and are not as susceptible to breaking as grinding your teeth.

Ceramic Braces

The final alternative to get the smile that you are looking for is to use ceramic braces. With ceramics, the brackets are often going to either be completely transparent or colored to be similar to your teeth. This will once again help with concealment. The one downside however is that the wire will still be metal and will be visible whenever you open your mouth. If you are looking to slightly conceal your braces, ceramics might be for you.

These are all ways in which you can change up your smile without having to go the traditional braces path. Find out what works best for you and speak to some experts if you are ever confused. The last thing you want is to make a mistake with the protection you are getting for your mouth. What dental solutions are you considering?

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