Workers File so Many Workers Comp Claims

4 Reasons Why Car Workers File so Many Workers Comp Claims

Worker’s Compensation Provides a Safety Net for Employees to Fall in Case They Face an Accident at Work

A system that is set up to protect workers who sustain an injury or illness that is work-related is called a Worker’s Compensation Program. In many countries, there are rules which dictate that almost all employers are required to maintain coverage for all employees to provide financial security if an accident were to occur at work and harm them.

This system ensures that qualified employees get the benefits from their employers’ worker compensation policy, regardless of who was at fault during the time of the injury. This is supposed to provide access to benefits that an injured worker needs without having to go through much trouble to prove that they were not at a fault to their employers. In theory, this is supposed to work perfectly well for the workers but it is not so in reality.

The insurance company that deals on the behalf of the employers take the decision if the compensation is approved or denied. They make the claims process unnecessarily complicated and confusing. They also often decline the claims for a valid reason or sometimes for no reason at all. By denying worker’s compensation claims, insurance companies save an untold amount of money each year. Many frustrated workers just believe their word for denying the compensation and do not press further.

Below are the 4 most common reasons many workers file compensation claim cases with attorneys.

You Don’t Have an Attorney to Represent You

If you are going through this type of situation, then we have a solution for you. Furthermore, at you can hire experienced attorneys who work in your interest and help you with the process. In most cases, the insurance company or the employer has someone who represents them legally. By taking on someone to represent you legally, you too will be equipped to deal with them. The mission of these attorneys is to make sure you get fair compensation for your injury in as little time as possible.

The Process Takes Too Long

In the beginning, the employer or insurance companies prolong the process for approval for so long that it frustrates the workers and they give in. A claim that is contested may take a long time, sometimes even up to two or three years. With medical opinions and other dispositions needed for just the pre-hearing process, you can waste months of your time. Legal experts have the know-how and experience for dealing with such processes and can expedite the matter for you.

The Claim Was Denied

To keep premium payments low for employers, insurance claims are often denied in the initial stages themselves. Many workers get demotivated and accept the word of the insurance companies and don’t press any further charges. Your claim can be denied on the basis of inconsistent information provided, no witnesses for the incident, or failure to notify your employer when you received the injury. If your compensation claims are valid, a worker’s compensation attorney can help you file a case and appeal against the initial decision of denial.

The Settlement Amount Is Not Fair

Sometimes an accident that takes place at your workplace can put you in a medical condition that you may suffer for a long time or even for a lifetime. Situations in which you have slipped while doing your work and suffer from a broken leg will have long-term effects on your movements and ability to work. In such cases, the compensation should be fair enough for you to be able to go on with your life without financial constraints. A small and unfair amount will not suffice for your daily life expenditures and cause you to be in a stressful situation.

Don’t Suffer in Silence, Make a Move Now

If you have been dedicated to your job and did it well, an injury claim is your right. If you or someone you know is going through this denial of the claim, you can advise them to appeal against it. Though it may seem daunting and challenging, with the right legal counsel, you will surely get a favorable decision. These legal counsels have the right experience, skills, resources and are dedicated to helping their clients to be fully and fairly compensated.

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