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How to Design a Home: Custom Wall Wraps vs Paint

Choosing the right wall colors or patterns is a crucial factor when you design a home. It sets the mood and aesthetic for each room, even going so far as to affect the psychology and emotional health of those who inhabit the space.

Although traditional wallpaper has fallen out of popularity these days, custom wall wraps are a new, modern way to decorate the walls. For paint to achieve the level of graphic detail that a wall wrap can, it would require a professional muralist to come in and paint it.

To find out more about the differences between wall wrapping and painting, check out the information below.

What Is a Wall Wrap?

Wall wrapping, wall decals, vinyl wall coverings, and vinyl wall murals are essentially slight variations of the same thing. The biggest difference between them is their size and their purpose.

Wallcoverings can be made to fit all corners of a wall. Vinyl wall murals commonly do. Wall decals, however, are more like stickers. They can be very large, but do not always cover the entire wall.

Benefits of Wall Wrapping

The best part of wall wrapping is that it is usually customized to display any graphic the customer chooses. For a business owner, the graphic often concerns their brand. There are many ways to personalize a brand with a vinyl wallcovering, which may include a logo, slogan, products, or even a visual history of the business.

Custom wall wraps can also be used in the home. For example, a children’s room can easily be transformed into a beautiful, fantasy world with the right graphic. Renters can purchase removable wallcoverings that do not permanently change the walls as painting does.

Benefits of Painting

Although wallcoverings are very durable and easier to clean than painted walls, paint tends to hold out better in rooms susceptible to temperature variation and humidity.

Painting can also be cheaper than wall wrap installation because it is easier to do it yourself, although you must purchase additional painting supplies.

Vinyl vs. Paint Murals

At the end of the day, most people choose wall wrapping for the excellent graphics it can display. Unless you hire a hyper-realistic mural painter, it’s not as simple to create these graphics with paint.

Some people choose to paint over wall wrapping because painting is cheaper if you do it yourself. However, if you want a beautiful mural, you need to hire a professional muralist who will take hours, even days, to complete one wall. That not only costs more money, but it costs more time.

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Choosing between paint and wall wrapping to design a home often comes down to function and aesthetics. For home and business owners who want plain walls, painting might be the way to go. For others who want beautiful murals and graphics, wall wrapping is worth the investment.

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