How Do You Clean A Fabric Lounge

How Do You Clean A Fabric Lounge?

What is important to have in your home? The answer will vary person to person, but one thing that can be assumed is that everyone wants to have a comfy couch to crash on after a long day of work.

You know the couch being talked about. The one perfect for naps and kicking your feet up. The one that is in the perfect spot to watch your favorite basketball or soccer game. Still, one thing that could ruin this couch for you, and everyone, is dirt, grime and bacteria.

How Do You Clean A Fabric Lounge

To many’s surprise, a couch in a given home is one of the dirtiest places you can be. According to a study by, there are more germs present on the sofa than there are on a toilet seat: “While a third of people think the bathroom is the dirtiest room in the house, microbiologists found the average games controller has a bacterial count of 7,863 per 15 square inches, which is nearly five times that of the typical toilet.”

With that being said, it is very important to keep your couch and or lounge clean. First of all, a fabric lounge/couch has to be one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture one could have in their home. And if these pieces of furniture house the most bacteria in your home, then it should be at the top of your list to get all nice and spiffy, free from germs and bacteria. It will help get you organized, avoid the spread of germs and bacteria, reduce the impact of allergies, and improve overall mood and productivity. That sounds pretty great, right?

Now, one might be asking: how do you even clean a fabric lounge or couch? Where should I start?

The answer is simple: you start by looking for a professional cleaning service to ensure that your lounge gets as clean as possible. With experienced staff, natural products, great equipment and fast service, professional cleaners (like Couch Master) will make sure to get the job done right.

Still, if you are unable to afford a professional cleaning service, there are ways to clean your fabric lounge chair/couch by yourself. Techniques include using vinegar and baking soda, while attacking stains first and patting instead of rubbing. It is also worth noting that the type of fabric of your lounge furniture makes a big difference in how you clean. For example, microfibre (a man made product) resists water and stains much easier than other types of upholstery fabric.

Regardless, professional cleaning services are the best route to go in your area because of the aforementioned equipment, natural products and experience of the cleaning team. No one wants to run the risk of messing up their couch, considering it is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the home. So, if you are able to hire a professional cleaning then go ahead and hire a professional cleaning service to ensure you get the germs, bacteria and any unwanted smells, are gone from your fabric furniture.

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