Pokémon, also known as ‘Pocket Monster’ coloring pages, has become one of the most popular activities for kids of all ages.  It allows kids to accompany their favorite Pokémon characters to the adventure land to have a fantastic journey. In this article, we have amassed top printable Pokémon coloring pages online that are free, easy to download, and printed to be used at home or in the classroom. Below are the absolute best Pokémon coloring pages to be added to your collection and colored to your satisfaction.

Color By Number Pokémon

Color by number printable Pokémon is an amazing pack for kids of all ages.   These coloring pages allow preschool-age kids to learn numbers and colors as beginners and it is ideal for home or classroom activities. The advanced pages are appropriate for Pokémon fans.

Kids love the adventure of finding the right shades matching the numbers on the image of Pokémon characters. These unique printable pages entail numbers identification, coloring sight words, addition, subtraction, multiple numbers that double as both fun and learning. These pages are a boredom buster as they teach kids focus, fine motor skills, and relaxation.

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Pikachu Pokémon Coloring Pages

Pikachu is a cute yellow creature with long black-tipped ears and is loved by many Pokémon fans. Pikachu coloring pages are suitable for little toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergarteners, teenagers as it is being used at school or at home. Most of the coloring pages feature Pikachu alone and in other pages accompanied by Pokémon characters. It is referred to as one of the most popular characters among kids.

Kids love to color Pikachu pages as it enables them to spend quality time with their favorite characters using different shades of colors such as yellow and brown.  It also allows kids to take an adventure with the character to have a fulfilling and learning time.

Mewtwo Pokémon Coloring Pages

Mewtwo is a fictional Pokémon character. It is a feline-like Pokémon with a mutated humanoid look in addition to its feline traits. Its body is purple and has three fingers on each hand as well as projecting a faint purple aura when at full power.


Mewto coloring pages help kids to improve their creativity and innovative skills, color recognition and motor skills. The habit of coloring together with precise grip involved can help to develop the muscles in the fingers, wrist and hands. The fine motor skills improvement helps little kids to write proficiently and manipulate small objects.


Chimchar Pokémon Coloring Pages

Chimchar is a bipedal Pokémon character that resembles a chimpanzee and its fur is a shade of orange. The face, outer ears, underbelly, hands, and feet are light yellow, its rear has a small, round, red patch that is usually obscured by flames produced by burning gas in its belly and has two pointed teeth in its upper jaw.     Chimchar coloring pages collection include Pokémon chimchar, Pokémon chimchar 1-10, chilby chimchar, and so on.

The coloring pages aid kids’ color recognition and hand-related motor skills, as well as exercise their muscles and pencil grip. Above all, kids can unleash their creativity.

Raichu Pokémon Coloring Pages

Raichu is a rodent-like Pokémon with yellow fur and two strips of brown fur on its back. It has long ears and feet but has little stubby arms with no noticeable fingers. Its electrical sacs are yellow, plump white belly, brown arms and toes. The soles of its feet are tan-colored and the paw pads on the undersides are yellowish-orange. Raichu also has a long, thin, black tail that ends in a large lightning bolt shape.

Raichu coloring pages is one of the favorite Pokémon characters that enables kids to go on an adventure as well as unleash their imaginative power.  It offers kids beautiful pictures of Raichu Pokémon to color with different shades of color.

Squirtle Pokémon Coloring Pages

Squirtle also called the Tiny Turtle Pokémon has large eyes, chubby cheeks, light blue skin, long and curled tail, brown-orange shell and moves on two feet and all fours. It is considered one of the most popular in the series. When it retracts its long neck into its shell, it squirts out water with vigorous force. There are various images of the cute Pokémon character in varied styles and designs that kids can choose from.

Squirtle Pokémon printable pages have interesting images such as baby Squirtle, Cute Squirtle Pokémon, Squirtle Zenigame and many more.
The Squirtle coloring pages provide learning and practical water skills that can be useful later. Kids are drawn to this challenge because of their very nature, needing to deal with their fears and vulnerabilities especially in dealing with the aquatic habitat.

Bulbasaur Pokémon coloring pages

Bulbasaur is a small, quadrupedal Pokémon with blues and dark patches. It has red eyes, white pupils, pointed ear-like structure on the head, small, pointed teeth, wide mouth, thick legs with three sharp claws and a green plant bulb. Bulbasaur is a grass or poison type Pokémon introduced in generation 1 known as the “Pokémon Seed”.

These pages ignite their imagination and give them the opportunity to express themselves. Kids are given the strength and dexterity to manipulate a coloring pencil on paper and hold the writing tool properly. Focus is an essential and valuable lesson that kids can learn from coloring to enable them to have better concentration when engaging in any given task. Above all, coloring enables kids to have a good time.

Charmander Pokémon Coloring Pages

Charmander is small, bipedal lizard-like Pokémon with blue eyes, red-orange skin, yellow bellies, three-clawed toes, and a yellow pad for the foot covering.  This character is inspired by dragons and can evolve into Chameleon, Charizard which is the final and most powerful form.

The popularity of Charmander Pokémon has created a huge demand as it is loved by many kids. It printable format has interesting pages such as  Charmander holding a Poké Ball with both of its hands,  dancing, wiggling its whole body side to side, Charmander looking extremely charming with its huge sparkling eyes and radiant smile, sitting at the top of a massive rock, battle time, happy Charmander and so on.

Charmander coloring pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills, and color recognition as well as learn valuable lessons from this Pokémon character.

Eevee Pokémon Coloring Pages

Eevee Pokémon is a mammalian, quadrupedal with brown fur, a cream-colored bushy tail, and a large furry collar.  It has brown eyes, long pointed ears with dark brown interiors, short slender legs with three small toes, a pink paw pad on each foot, and a small black nose. It is an irregularly shaped genetic structure that is easily influenced by its environment which allows it to adapt to a variety of habitats when it evolves. They can turn red, green, blue, white, yellow and more.


Eevee printable Pokémon collection include, Eevee looking a bit surprised, nap time, Eevee looking very content on a sleeping moon, Eevee stands on two legs looking confident, Eevee is looking fierce, Eevee shrugs in confusion, Eevee is holding a heart and looking very friendly and so on.

Eevee, a fox-like Pokémon falls into the cute category and is one of the most adorable Pokémon characters loved by kids of all ages.  Kids can color Eevee with simple browns and yellows, but Eevee can also evolve into several different types with the use of special stones, and that gives them some more colors to work with! It is fun for kids to color adventure with Eevee.


Meloetta Pokémon Coloring Pages

Meloetta Pokémon  is a femininely anthropomorphic figure with music bar-style streaks in its hair, crotchets for its arms and hands, and pupil-less eyes resembling semibreves, a jewel on its forehead, and a black headpiece that seems to be shaped like a treble clef which works as an attached microphone used by singers. its body’s height and about half its height in width.

Meloetta Pokémon coloring pages is a printable collection of  Meloetta as a distinctly feminine fairy-like Pokémon,  large, round white head, small black-cloaked body, slender arms and legs, Meloetta green hair that resembles a musical bar, blue-green eyes, round jewel on its forehead, and so on.

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