Just Moved into Your New Home

Just Moved into Your New Home? 9 Things You Should ASAP

Moving from one home to another is a backbreaking and nerve-wracking experience. Planning everything from scratch and supervising the move takes resoluteness and willpower. Not to mention, touching up the new place can mentally and physically drain you. Once done with the renovation comes the shifting, which always requires you to be agile and alert. Moving your possessions, be it the tiniest things or the most valuable items, require your unaltered attention. That’s just one part of moving from one place to another; what comes next requires your attention.

Assuming you have completed the renovation bit, you’ll want to have everything else sorted out in your new home. If you’re thinking about unwinding for a while, that won’t be such a good idea! Putting the brakes on when your new abode needs small but crucial changes can affect your comfort, both in the short and long run. With a handful of essential tasks left, you will want to give them your 100%. Settling in may take time, but it won’t take you long if you have a checklist planned and goals in mind. With that said, here are some things you should consider doing as soon as you’ve moved into your new home or are about to do so, without thinking twice:

Invest in a reliable moving service

Assuming you are about to move into your new home, you will want to hire the best moving companies your vicinity has to offer. Moving is a distinctly daunting task. But if you’re in Seattle, you’re in luck! You can rid yourself of this strenuous job because of the many professional moving companies Seattle has to offer to its residents. If you’re a bit cloudless, you can always fire up Google and run a quick local search for companies near you.

If you’re a bit clueless, you can always fire up Google and run a quick local search for companies near you. And if you plan to move further afield and go overseas, speak to a reputable international mover who offer packing, storing and shipping of all your items, door to door.

Numerous possessions are transported, including valuable and fragile objects. From antique showpieces to tableware to things as small as bolts and nuts, there are countless items in a household. That’s why proper packaging and careful handling of one’s belongings is essential. Transportation of all goods is a big hassle people face during moving. So opting for the best in the business always proves to be fruitful.


After transferring everything to your new home, unpacking is maybe the most demanding task as it requires a lot of pick and shovel work. The moving service you recruit may be willing to help you unload, unpack, and put your items exactly where you want to put them. So ask before signing on the dotted line.

If you don’t want outsiders involved, you can ask your close family and friends to help with unpacking and sharing the burden. In return, you can offer them snacks and beer. Having a couple of helping hands can move mountains. Moreover, you can trust them with your belongings, which takes a great deal of stress off of you. In turn, all of you will get to spend quality time together and relax- ok maybe not as relaxing, but still.

Change the locks ASAP

It is imperative to improve the security of your new home. If the previous owners/tenants still have a pair of keys and a knack for break-in and entry, you’re screwed! The easiest way to bolster security is by replacing the old locks with new ones. Check the place for all entry and exit points, and then swap the locks. It may be an added expense, but it’s also better to be safe than sorry.

Have a backup plan for when you get locked out

It’s common for us to forget or misplace our keys, which is why having a spare key or an alternative to getting into your house is necessary. Though a rare occurrence, you should consider keeping a spare key hidden somewhere near your entrance door or give a spare key to one of your trustworthy neighbors. Whatever the case may be, always have a backup.

Locate your circuit breakers and water valves

Without knowing where your circuit breakers are, you will never be able to solve your electricity-related problems. Circuit breaker boxes have trip switches inside that trip every time there is an unsafe surge of electricity. You can find these boxes in basements, garages, and hallways. Knowing where they are and when to turn them on again will allow you to prevent a complete blackout in your home.

Similarly, every home also has a water and gas supply. If there is a leak in your house, you will have to turn off these valves. There are numerous valves within homes, especially apartments. Try to locate them and know how to operate them to turn them off whenever there is an emergency.

Get your utilities up and running

No home can be functional without utilities like electricity, gas, and water supply. The vicinity you’ve moved into will most likely have a different utility company than your previous home. While you’re working on moving your belongings, it’s best to notify the local utility-providing companies beforehand so they can get your home up and running. This way, you won’t have to spend your first night without water in the toilet.

Get the HVAC system checked

A house without heating, ventilation and air conditioning is almost like a house without life. An HVAC system is nothing short of a necessity, which is why you shouldn’t think twice before splashing heaps of cash over it. Since it’s costly, it’s best to have an expert technician or a property manager have a look at it. Make some time to check whether your cooling and heating system are up and running.

Set up your appliances

Now is the time to connect your appliances to a power supply to see whether they work as they did in your old home. Connect your fridge, washing machine, and air conditioners to follow procedures as mentioned by respective manufacturers to make these appliances work in your new home.

The work doesn’t stop here: make a checklist

You’ve just moved into your new home, and there are tons of things that you might not know. Unclogging bathrooms, cleaning driveways, and landscaping are just some of the many things you’ll have to do over a year after moving in. Prepare a list of things that you may have noticed that need repairing and continue to mend them whenever possible to bring out the best in your new home.


There are numerous things that one must do after moving into a new home. Despite you doing as much as you can, you will feel like you haven’t done anything, and that’s alright. The tips above should help you kick things off and help you adjust to your new home, alongside getting the essentials done.

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