6 Great Reasons to Study for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

There are numerous reasons to study for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Some of them are personal while others benefit the community. Nursing is amongst the list of most sought-after occupations worldwide. It’s not complicated to understand why: nurses carry a great weight of responsibility but they also experience exceptional benefits and a sense of personal accomplishment. Here are six great reasons why you should consider studying for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Satisfies a Calling

Nursing is often said to be a calling rather than a profession. Luckily, if someone gets that call, nursing can be a profitable and enjoyable job as well. Some people have a natural tendency to want to help and care for others. When a family member becomes ill or becomes too fragile to perform everyday activities due to physical or mental issues, it is usual to provide care for them. However, caring for someone who is not related to you is a different kettle of fish and not everyone is up for that. Nursing gives people the opportunity to save lives while also giving hope and comfort to those in need. As a result, they have the potential to make a difference in people’s lives.

People who demonstrate good communication, stability and empathy often make the best nurses. Nurses need to be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Nurses deal with a variety of challenging conditions in their jobs. As a result, the best nurses must possess the inner strength to push devastating feelings aside to focus on providing the best possible treatment. Nurses should be compassionate toward their patients. They will be able to deliver care that is personalized to each of their patients in this way. Being sympathetic to a sufferer can make a huge impact on their recovery.

Besides the educational qualifications, becoming a nurse necessitates a tremendous amount of selflessness. Only education and technical skills are provided by a nursing program. Empathy is the third quality that cannot be taught. Nurses work in the same environment as other healthcare professionals, but their position requires and expects them to go above and beyond. Nurses are known to be trusted, admired, and highly-regarded in most countries.

In High Demand

Job security is a great reason to pursue a career in nursing as it is always in high demand. Thus, working as a nurse is practically risk-free, secure, and financially rewarding. Financial remuneration does not always make up for the stress and long hours they endure but they can rest assured that their jobs are safe even in hard economic times.

Nursing is said to be one of the fastest-growing professions due to the low mortality rates and the utilization of contemporary medical technology. Retiree vacancies, population expansion, and rural healthcare demands are among the other factors. Even though many students pick this path, available vacancies for nursing professionals are not always easily filled in many countries. However, Baylor University Online offers a comprehensive post-baccalaureate accelerated BSN program that uses a variety of teaching methods, with online courses, practical and laboratory experiences, and blended interactive learning courses to open doorways in the profession of nursing.

A More Valuable Asset

As the need for nurses grows, more hospitals are requiring nurses to have a bachelor’s degree, even for entry-level roles. Healthcare is changing with greater emphasis being placed on preventative treatment and disease processes becoming increasingly complex. A nurse with a BSN has increased marketability and a more appealing resume to show to potential employers.

Exciting Opportunities

A huge advantage of following a career path in nursing is that medical expertise and knowledge can be transferable and utilized in many countries around the world. Although some states and countries are more sophisticated than others, and medical techniques and methods may vary slightly, nurses perform the same tasks worldwide. To work as a nurse other than where the training was received, nursing credentials and experience gained must be recognized. In certain countries, there are additional requirements like completing further exams to prove the necessary experience and abilities have been achieved.


Nurses also have the option of working in a variety of settings from public and private hospitals and clinics, to nursing homes, military bases and even in educational facilities. Private clinics may pay more, while other workplaces may provide a more flexible schedule. It all comes down to selecting the right working environment. Depending on the qualifications received, nurses can go into administration, work as medical assistants, or go into teaching. Some nurses spend their whole lives providing direct patient care while others find education, case management, informatics, or policy more intriguing. Several lines can be pursued in other healthcare-related fields.

A nurse’s job is never boring. Every day introduces new patients, different issues, and the constant need to prioritize, make decisions and make sure that everyone receives the treatment they deserve and require. Different nursing roles, such as travel nurses, emergency room nurses, aircraft nurses, and research nurses, all have different experiences. The kind of work undertaken also varies according to the nursing degree’s specialization chosen.

Beyond the Paycheck

Beyond work, medical knowledge is crucial in life and many situations. For this reason, it is easy to underestimate the significance of nurses and their experience. Tragedy can strike at any time and so when something happens, it’s best to be prepared. Not many people can perform CPR or know what to do if a friend has an asthma attack or an epileptic fit. A nurse can offer first aid in emergency circumstances, even if it occurs outside of work hours. This is something that not every profession or worker can claim to offer the community.

Nurses have always been at the heart of healthcare and this is only becoming truer as the industry evolves. Most nurses get into this career line because they want to make a difference in other people’s lives. Above all, this job provides a degree of flexibility and diversity. Most people believe that nurses can only work in hospitals but this is not true, as there are a variety of settings in which nurses can work, as well as a variety of professional paths and job titles in which they can specialize.

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