What Are the Benefits of Living in Australia?

There’s no denying that making the decision to move countries and settle in a foreign land that you’re unfamiliar with is a daunting task. In fact, moving, aka immigration comes in as one of the most stressful life events anyone could endure.

Not only do you have to pack up and say goodbye to your old life and everything you know. But moving countries means navigating a whole new culture, climate, language, and all the bits in-between.

Doubts and fears aside, living in Australia is a wonderful, fulfilling, and worthwhile experience. If you’re thinking of making the move permanent, here’s why it’s one of the best countries to choose.

Living in Australia: Why It’s a Brilliant Choice

If Australia is synonymous for a few things, it’s the beaches, unique wildlife (including a few deadly critters), and the weather. But the Land Down Under is far more complex, multi-cultural, vast, and well-developed than just that. Here’s why moving to Australia is not only a great life decision but a smart one, too:

  1. The Country Offers High Living Standards

Despite the fact that the Australian dollar is not the strongest currency in the world, it’s still one of the top-performing currencies on the market today. This bodes well for all those who choose to live and work in Australia because of the decent and often high wages you can earn.

Depending on your skillset, there is plenty of potential to earn a brilliant salary — possibly one that is even better than you were earning before. And despite the lower Australian dollar value, these salaries are relative to the local economy and cost of living. Thus making life comfortable for basically every walk of life.

Not only this, but you’re also covered by local social protection programs and financial safeguards that ensure your basic needs are met.

  1. Australian Healthcare Is Some of the Best in the World

Whether you’ve yet to start a family, or you’re nearing your golden years, the healthcare system in Australia has you covered. Even as a migrant, you have access to both the public and private healthcare systems which are some of the best in the world.

It’s also worth mentioning that much of the public healthcare on offer is free or very low-cost with a valid work or living visa. If your home country offers reciprocal healthcare when you arrive in Australia, you might be able to access their government-operated system for little to no cost at all.

Australia also takes great care of its elderly population. The country offers some of the best public and private senior care facilities and home care packages. So, you can rest assured that growing old in Australia is all about comfort and security.

  1. You Can Expect Warm and Welcoming Hospitality

Generally, Australians are very warm, open, and welcoming people. Not only with each other but also to those who qualify as an immigrant.

This is because Australia has a strong ex-pat culture and community that actually dates back over a century. For over one hundred years, people have flocked and settled in Australia because of this hospitality.

When you choose Australia, you can expect no different. This means that Australia is very multi-cultural and many of the locals are accepting of new, different cultures that bring skill and diversity to their country.

  1. Australia Offers a Top-Class Education System

Can you believe that public schooling in Australia is completely free for your children up to year 12, also called grade 12? Basically, this means you don’t have to pay a cent to send your child to a public school for the first 17 years of their life. Your child’s textbooks are also included!

Not only this, but most kindergarten centers are also mostly free. Every child is entitled to free or subsidized preschool care for up to 15 hours per week.

The Australian public education system ranks as the fourth-best in the world — trumping countries such as the U.S., France, and Switzerland. You can also choose to send your child to private schooling, however, you will pay for this. Many people argue that it’s simply not necessary because public schooling is of such great quality.

  1. Becoming an Australian Citizen is Fairly Simple

In order to qualify for Australian citizenship, you’ll need to acquire permanent residency (PR), first. In some cases, you can apply for this right away upon your arrival to Australia. In other cases, you might need to work for a couple of years to earn your PR.


However, once you’ve received your PR, becoming a citizen is quite simple compared to many other countries across the globe. The timeframe is also far shorter.

In most cases, you’ll need to prove your fluency in English and that you are a resident of the country for 48 months or more. You’ll also need to pay some visa processing fees ($500 or less) and pass the citizenship test!

  1. Most Australian Cities Rank as Top Living Destinations

It’s no secret that two of Australia’s main cities regularly rank in the top 10 living destinations in the world. This includes the popular hubs of Sydney and Melbourne. But these aren’t the only beautiful cities the country has to offer.

Whether you choose to settle in Queensland, you’re spoiled for choice with the amazing seaside and inland cities, such as Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. South Australia offers Adelaide and Canberra, while Western Australia offers Perth and Broome.

Depending on which coast you choose, each city has its own gobsmacking beauty and climate to offer.

  1. Australia Is One of the Safest Countries to Live In

No country is completely immune to petty crime, and Australia is no different. However, even petty crimes are few and far between in the Land Down Under. Australians pride themselves on looking after each other and taking care of their neighborhoods to ensure they’re a safe place for all.

The country and its main cities and towns all offer well-developed schools, community groups, and local law enforcement. Settling in Australia offers peace of mind like nowhere else in the world.

When It Comes to Immigration, Knowledge Is Power

If you plan on making the move and living in Australia, the importance of research and planning could not be more important. When it comes to making any type of big life decision, knowledge will always get you over the line.

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