What is the baggage allowance for Qatar Economy Class?

Economy Class of Qatar Airways is quite cheaper and includes the world class amenities in it. The baggage allowance for these flights is quite excessive. Qatar Airways baggage allowance policy is always beneficial for passengers of Qatar Airways. In this article we will discuss the baggage allowance which is allowed in the economy lite, economy flex, and economy premium classes. These are few classes of Qatar Airways UK flights which are departing from London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Glasgow. Fly Qatar is one of the best sales partner of the Qatar Airways which is offering the cheaper flights in the economy lite, economy premium, and economy flex class which are much cheaper as compare to the flights of other airlines. As Qatar Airways is one of the global network which operating to more than one hundred and seventy destinations. For all of these destinations Qatar Airways baggage allowance is generous that everyone can get all the necessary items along them.

Economy Lite Class

As the name of class shows the descriptions of the class as well. It includes less amenities as compere to the other cabin classes of the airline. Economy Lite class have often includes the 1 bag of 23 kilograms for the American and European passengers and 25 Kilograms as an check-in Baggage allowance for the passengers of Qatar Airways flights which are travelling from Great Britain  to Asian and African destinations. They have one possibility to add the extra Qatar Airways baggage allowance with exchange of some fee. Sometimes, it doesn’t include the baggage allowance as well. But the flights which are offered by Fly Qatar always include the baggage allowance of at least 23 Kilograms or 25 Kilograms. You can also consult the Fly Qatar special assistant services team for the inclusion of extra baggage allowance at cheaper prices.

Hand Baggage for these flights also so small that only necessary items and important travel documents can be carried. While departing for the journey you should carry a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during the journey. Moreover, you can also ask the air hostess for the water as well. They also serve the bears, wines, and other drinks on these flights as well. You should purchase long purse or file to carry the documents like VISA, tickets, your identity cards, and other important documents.

Economy Flex Class

Economy flex class is a subclass of Qatar Airways economy class which have more amenities than the economy lite class and less than the premium economy class. Here are some of the key features of Economy class:

  • Excessive Baggage Allowance: Qatar Airways Baggage allowance for the economy flex class is quite generous for both check-in baggage and hand baggage allowance. Check-in baggage is submitted to the airline at the time of check-in and hand baggage is carried on the plane.
  • Free Flight Changes: Passengers can change the flight dates of departure and arrival both without any additional fee but if there will be any fare difference then passenger will be liable to pay.
  • Priority Check-in: Passengers of Economy flex of Qatar Airways have the priority check-in on the airport as well. Nowadays, we have introduced the online check-in which have made the check-in procedure more smooth and easy for the passengers of Qatar Airways.
  • Free Seat Selection: Seat Selection for the passengers of Economy class passengers and higher cabin classes is free. If you have booked the Qatar Airways flights in the lower cabin classes than economy flex classes then you have to pay the additional fee for the seat selections. You can select the seats according to your preference either window seat or Aisle seats.
  • Accumulating Maximum Miles: If you have subscribed the Qatar Airways frequent flyer program then you can get more miles as compare to travelling in the economy lite class. If you are gaining one mile per mile of travelling in economy lite class then by using economy flex class, you can get more than one miles travelling per mile on Qatar Airways.

These were few of services which are not provided in the economy lite class and other lower class of Qatar Airways economy class. Check-in baggage allowance for economy flex passengers is 2 bags of 23 kilograms while for those flights where weight concept is applied, passenger gets the baggage allowance of 30 kilograms. While hand baggage will be 7 kilograms per passengers.

Premium Economy Class

Premium economy class flights are one of the luxurious and lavish flights among all the subclasses of Qatar Airways Economy class. We are offering the excessive baggage allowance for all the flights of premium economy class. Qatar Airways offers 2 bags of 32 Kilograms for the passengers of premium economy class where piece concept is applied. Piece concept is applied for the passengers which are travelling from UK to European and American destinations. For the flights of premium economy class where weight concept is applied, we offer the check-in baggage allowance of 35 Kilograms. This baggage allowance is applied for the flights which are departing from United Kingdom to Asian and African destinations.


Finally, we have come to a conclusion that Check-in and Hand baggage allowance for Economy lite, Economy flex, and Premium classes are quite excessive. Hand baggage allowance for all the subclasses of Qatar Economy class is 7 Kilograms but can be changed on some special scenarios. Economy Lite is one of the cheapest class of Qatar Airways offering the baggage allowance of 25 Kilograms or 1 bag of 23 Kilograms for its passengers. Economy flex class is another higher subclass of Qatar Airways Economy class which have more amenities and offers the check-in baggage allowance of 30 Kilograms or 2 bags of 23 Kilograms for their passengers. Premium Economy Class is one for higher subclass of Qatar Airways Economy Class which is luxurious and lavish, and offering the check-in baggage allowance of 35 kilograms or 2 bags of 32 kilograms for their passengers.

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