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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Business Software Providers

The pandemic created a scenario where small businesses had no choice but to join the world of eCommerce. That move helped a lot of small businesses keep their heads above water. It also meant that small business owners needed a crash course on information technology.

While that website builder might host the site for you, it doesn’t provide things like a compatible inventory tracking system. You have to find that on your own. So, how do you go about selecting business software providers?

Need a little help in that area? Keep reading for five factors to consider when choosing a provider.

  1. Identify Your Problems

There are software solutions out for all kinds of problems or that are just nice to have software for businesses. Chasing those solutions because they’re new or shiny is a great way to waste your money.

Before you can even being the process of looking for software provider options, you must identify the exact problem or problems the software must solve for you.

  1. Software Provider Cred

The tech space is littered with startups and the corpses of failed startups. The last thing you want is a software provider who might go belly up in six months. Look at the company’s history.

When did they launch? Do they work primarily with businesses like yours? Do they specialize in the kind of software you need?

You can also look for industry certifications and credentials.

  1. Scalability

Is your business growing? How fast?

A growing business creates different challenges in terms of software and your IT infrastructure. You need software that can scale up with your needs, and the hardware to support it. Can the software solutions on your shortlist scale up as needed?

Want to know more about software scaling? You can learn more here.

  1. Reviews

You should spend a little time vetting the customer experience with a business software provider. Your own interactions can prove telling. Do they reply to emails or call you back quickly?

You can also do a sanity check by reading online reviews of the company. Does the company offer regular software updates? Are their customer service people rude?

  1. Costs

Every business must also keep the bottom line in mind. You should spend a little time comparing software costs. Make sure you find out about any fees or admin costs that aren’t included in the stated price.

You may end up giving up a few bells and whistles to get a more reasonable price point.

Selecting Business Software Providers and You

Selecting business software providers can prove a little nerve-wracking. If you pick wrong, you could end up with your data trapped on the servers of a business that doesn’t exist anymore. Fortunately, you can use the factors listed above to narrow your choices.

Focus on providers with at least a few years under their belts. Make sure they can fix an actual problem for you. Pick scalable solutions.

Beyond that, look for good reviews and a price point you can handle.

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