Moving costs in 2021: details here!!!

Moving is quite a challenging process to do and when people move, it becomes difficult for them to stay under budget. But if you prepare your finances well then you won’t run out of money during the process. If you have found a new place to live and are dreaming to go there then it is time to start the moving process. If you plan the move ahead of time then you will be able to save a few bucks of yours and also knowing the moving costs in 2021 helps you to save money. Check out the guide:

How to estimate moving costs?

The first thing you must do is to start the process by estimating the weight of the stuff. Try to purge out the items just by selling, donating, and gifting away items. There are many things through which the moving cost is estimated. If you don’t want to consider factors then get a detailed quote from movers to know the approximate cost. Check out these: 

Required packing supplies

Different packing supplies such as bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, packing tape, and many others are required to pack items with complete safety. The more items you have to pack the more packing supplies will be required and the more you have to pay.

Do it yourself vs professional movers 

Do it yourself tends to be a cheaper move when compared to professional movers. But it requires time and hard effort. Depending on the services you require will change the entire amount you have to spend.  It is thus recommended to work with reputable movers that you can easily find at iMoving and enjoy hassle-free and stress-free services.

Weight of the items 

The weight and volume of the stuff you have to relocate are one of the cost-determining factors. The amount of weight of stuff you need to move will decide the size of truck you require. The larger will be the truck, the more you have to pay for it. If you want to cut down the moving cost, then just get rid of the items as much as you can and you can enjoy having


Long-distance moves are expensive than short-distance moves. The higher will be the distance the more you have to pay to the movers. If it is a local move, then distance will not be a cost determining factor because then movers will charge per hour basis.

Moving date 

If you pick a moving date of the off-season then it could be helpful for you to save a good amount of money. If you choose to move in a peak season then chances are that you have to pay more.

Number of movers 

The number of movers is required depending on the move type. The number of movers handling your move will influence the moving cost. These people pack, load, disassemble and assembling of furniture, unload, and many other items. Usually, the cost of manpower is estimated at 400 to 500 Rupees per person.

Weekend vs. weekday 

Many people prefer to move on the weekends because they get a holiday on these days but usually, weekends are expensive days. During weekends, there is a high demand for moving companies.

Some additional moving costs to consider: 

Certain additional moving fees are depending on the moving details. Check out these:

Special items 

If you possess any kind of special items to transport such as a piano, hot tubs, motorcycles, pool tables, and other bulky items then it will increase the overall cost of the moving process.

Job complexity

Though job complexity is one of the factors that people don’t consider this is the biggest mistake they commit. If there is risk associated with the moving process like items need to be carried for long to load if there are stairs present in the pathway, elevator, and many others. The more time and effort if the movers have to spend on a move, of course, the more will be the fees.

Additional charges because of covid-19!!! 

Because of Covid-19, now people have to pay a little higher. Covid has made the process more difficult and complex. Now, movers don’t make any direct contact with the clients and almost all the interactions have been done with the help of the internet digitally. The more time taking and complex the process is, the more movers will charge.

Additionally, some charges increase the overall moving cost is the charges of masks and sanitizer. Of course, companies have to follow all the rules of covid that are governed by the government, and the cost is increased according to the protocols that a company is governing.

To know the approximate moving cost, you can either use a moving cost calculator or can ask for the moving quotes from different moving companies.

This is how moving costs are determined in 2021. Additionally, there could be some hidden charges which depend on the specific move type so when you prepare a budget you should be flexible.

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