Inside the Mind of the Criminal Alter Ego

When you go to the doctor’s office, do you trust the medical advice that they give you? If a police officer pulls you over, do you trust that they’re an actual law enforcement agent?

Of course, you do!

Unfortunately, people aren’t always who they say they are. To illustrate that point, we’re going to look at some different instances of people who have a criminal alter ego.

Read on to learn about some of the more famous (or infamous) examples of criminal impersonation.

A Floridian With a Passion for Fake Sign Language

If you’ve ever tuned into an important press conference, odds are you’ve seen someone on the side translating what the spokesperson says into sign language.

If you don’t know how to sign, you might not pay much attention to it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a woman in Tampa, Florida took advantage of.

In 2017, a woman named Deryln Roberts posed as an interpreter for the Tampa Police Department. The people around her trusted that she was legitimate, but in reality, she was signing gibberish.

Although this wasn’t considered an official crime, it turned out that Roberts had a history of fraud and criminal impersonation. Her extensive criminal record had more than $50,000 in past fraud charges.

A Pretend Physician in California

In 2018, a man in California named Ariya Ouskouian decided to become a serial impersonator at a children’s hospital. Over the course of several months, he impersonated a physician seven times.

A graduate from the University of California, Irvine, Ouskouian was able to enter the restricted areas of a children’s hospital by claiming that he misplaced his medical badge. He even diagnosed a growth on the side of one patient’s neck.

His fun didn’t last forever, however. Authorities eventually caught up with Ouskouian and arrested him. They charged him with eight years in jail and three years in state prison.

Malachi Love-Robinson is another man who enjoys impersonating medical professionals. Have a look at his story here.

A Florida Man Who Worked as a Fake Cop

Earlier this year, authorities arrested another serial impersonator, this time a fake cop. That man, Jeremy Dewitte, has a long history of criminal impersonations.

In this most recent example, authorities spotted Dewitte on the back of a motorcycle. The outfit he wore resembled that of a police officer, but it featured stars that belong to the military.

Dewitte even carried a chemical gun that resembled those used by police officers. It was empty when authorities got him, proving that it really was nothing more than impersonation.

Alter Ego But Make It Criminal

It’s unclear why these people enjoy having a criminal alter ego. While it might have been entertaining for them, it certainly wasn’t for the people they interacted with or affected.

So what should the takeaway be? While you shouldn’t become a conspiracy theorist, it’s worth spending some time to ensure that people’s credentials check out.

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