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How to paint the exterior of the house and the staircases in the right manner?

When you are maling af hus udvendig, a few factors need to be kept in mind so that you don’t end up doing blotchy work. The exterior of the house gets exposed to various weather conditions, and the staircases suffer a lot of wear and tear. Thus, extra special attention must be given to these two parts of the house when painting.

Pressure wash the walls.

The house’s exterior accumulates a lot of dust and dirt due to exposure to different weather conditions. Therefore, use a pressure washer and wash the wall down from the top to the bottom to remove dirt or dust. It is best to proceed in a controlled manner and start from the top and go all the way to the bottom of the house.

Repair the damaged surfaces

It is not surprising that the exterior of the house will have regions that are damaged. You can apply epoxy filler to these regions. Once the filler is completely dry, lightly scrape it with a sanding block for a smooth finish. But there are some who also hire masonry tuckpointing if they aren’t satisfied with that finish.

Remove the loose paint

Allow the exterior to dry completely, then walk around the house’s perimeter, taking note of any chipped or loose paint. Wherever you see chipped or loose paint, put drop cloths along the ground. Remove the chipped paint using a paint scraper or a sand block.

Calk trim

If you notice gaps between doors, windows, and the house, use a caulk gun or exterior caulk to fill these gaps. If the house was built using mixed materials like brick and siding, you must add a caulk along the surface where these two materials meet.

Take care of the prime stains

Examine the exterior for any stains. Apply a stain-blocking primer to that region before you paint it.

Protect the windows, lights, doors and other permanent fixtures

Cover the fixtures like doors, windows, and light bulbs, and lighting fixtures with a painter’s tape or plastic sheet before you start the painting work.

Paint the exterior

When painting the exterior, start with a paint sprayer. Depending on the intensity needed, you can load eggshell or flat exterior paint into the paint sprayer and apply one or two coats. Start the work from the top and go all the way to the bottom in a smooth, controlled manner. If the color is the same as the previous color, a primer coating will not be necessary.

Painting the staircase

Make sure that the staircase is non-slippery. Therefore, add a slip-resistant additive into your paint to allow for extra traction. When maling af trappeopgang, apply painter’s tape to the walls on either side of the staircase to prevent splashes and stray brushstrokes.

If the stairs are made of wood, use a large bristle brush and apply paint in the wood grain direction. Rollers are best suited for cement stairs.

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