How to Find a Hobby as an Adult: The How-to Guide

Everyone needs a hobby, yet many adults find themselves without an engaging activity to enjoy between work and family obligations.

Children are encouraged by their parents, schools, and communities to try different activities to develop various skills. Somehow, that push to find extracurricular joy fades away as we age, to the point that many adults find it challenging to pick up a new hobby. If you’re struggling to while away the hours after work or school, here’s a hobby how-to guide that will see your hands full again in no time. 

Hobbies for people who don’t know where to start

Some people have no idea where to even begin in developing a new hobby. If that’s the case for you, here are some ideas.

If you’re tactile-inclined, try hands-on projects like model-building. There are countless customization options to make each project your own, like miniature lighting options from Designs. You can customize your colors and light positioning to create different moods or replicate other times of day in your model. 

If you’re a chronic multitasker, you can also consider hobbies that will enhance your resume. Which pastimes will look attractive to companies hiring in your field? If you’re a writer, that might look like publishing zines or chapbooks. Artists can beef up their portfolios by participating in art and design classes in the community. 

Similarly, many creative-type outlets aren’t necessarily career-driven, from knitting to candle-making to special effects makeup. When in doubt, take a walk through your local crafts or hobby store and see what strikes your interest. 

Look back to your childhood

Think back to the activities you enjoyed as a child. Often, people abandon these hobbies as they age due to time constraints.

Did you enjoy sports? Camping? Board games? Reading? Chances are, you’ll find the hobbies you once took delight in still hold a lot of appeal. It’s never too late to rediscover something that ignites your imagination. 

Think about what already interests you

The easiest way to find a hobby that suits you is to look at the activities you already enjoy carefully. Are you a film buff who has a way with words? Start a movie review blog. Can’t get enough ESPN? Join a sports team in your community. Can’t resist a fresh-baked almond scone? Take up baking. If you’ve ever watched someone complete an activity and thought, “I wish I could do that,” now’s your time to learn. 

What makes time fly?

Think back to the last activity that made you completely lose track of time. Was it a good novel? A jigsaw puzzle? An art project? If it makes you forget about everything else in the world, it’s probably a suitable hobby for holding your interest. 

Choose something unexpected

Sometimes, the best pastimes are the ones that have nothing to do with the rest of your life. Many people use hobbies as an escape from the everyday grind. Think about activities that you’ve found interesting but never encountered in your day-to-day life.

What do you like to buy?

Think about the things you tend to splurge on when you have extra cash. What kinds of objects bring you joy? Do you collect blank journals and notebooks? Does every novelty tarot deck call your name? Can’t resist turquoise jewelry? Often, the objects we are drawn to indicate interests we can further explore.

What might improve you?

Another intelligent approach to choosing a hobby is finding one that will somehow improve your body, mind, or daily life. Hobbies like yoga or jogging provide health benefits. Reading and research sharpen the mind. Word puzzles help build and maintain vocabulary. Make your hobby double-time by choosing something that will enrich your senses. 

If at first, you don’t succeed…

Be prepared to try a few things before you land on the hobby that works for you. Give each attempt a fair shot, then be willing to move on if it doesn’t capture your attention.

Wrap up

Finding a hobby as an adult can be challenging, but the joy and stress-relief such an activity provides make it well worth the effort. Fill those idle hands with something you can share with friends, family, and community. 

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