be gracious host to your house guests
How to be a gracious host to your house guests

How to be a gracious host to your house guests

When you have your own crib, you are bound to have guests over. Be it your closest buds, family members, colleagues, out-of-town family members, etc. and, you need to make your home feel hospitable.

Whether or not you built your home with a victorian royal design, a simple monochrome decor, or a house plan of your own design, homeowners often play host to house guests. The experience of opening your home to the special people in your life can be very rewarding if you first set up some expectations beforehand. Here are some tips to minimize the stress of house guests and to ensure that everyone under your roof is copasetic during the visit.

Set expectations beforehand

Your house might have included a large grassy area for pets and children alike to enjoy, but your house guests might not own pets or be accustomed to the energy of small children. As a guest in your home, they should understand that they should blend into your home environment. This does not have to be an awkward conversation if you start the dialogue before they walk in the front door.

Let them know about your schedule during their time in your home. This will help both you and your guest minimize surprises. Also, if you have recently moved to your new house, there may not be all the required functionalities. Intimidate your house guests beforehand regarding the facilities and amenities available in your home.

Say “yes” to the guest should they offer to help

Do not be afraid to accept if your house guests offer to help with the yard work or any other chores around the house. The helpful house guest is the one who is always invited back. Have a clear conversation with the guests and give them exact information about how you would like the chore to be done—having a clear understanding of what is expected from the errand. Be friendly and hostile to your house guests.

State departure expectations upon arrival

We all know that when we check into a hotel, the clerk reviews the checkout policy. It may sound strange, but your home should be no different. Upon arrival, make it clear to your guests what you would like them to do when they leave (e.g. strip the bed, wash the sheets, tidy up the bathroom). That way, you can maintain a clean and tidy house that is inviting to other guests who will show up later.

As needed, set rules regarding shared living areas

Do you have a no television rule as a family during the week? Do you use the family home computer in the evening to return a work email from the day? Do your family pets stay inside the house with the rest of the family? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then express this to your house guests.

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Moreover, it is your house, so it is your rules that will work. Put your foot down but be very gentle in communicating with your guests. Express how you like certain things to be done around the house. If you are a vegetarian and have strict rules of no meat in your house, express that concern ahead of time. That way, your guests are priorly informed as to what they can expect during the stay at your house.

Keep snacks and desserts available

Not everyone has the same dietary requirements or habits. When you have a guest over at your house, you need to honour their expectations. Having a guest over is a celebratory point. Make their visit memorable with snacks and desserts handy with Bakingo’s cake delivery in Hyderabad or wherever you reside. 

Remember, your home is not a hotel

If a guest becomes too demanding, it is okay to restate boundaries and expectations. If your guests do not eat certain food and or have any particular needs, they are in charge of meeting these needs, not you. Staying in a home rather than a hotel comes with certain expectations. And, you are not in the wrong to expect your guests to maintain a proper set of decorum during their visitation period.

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