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Things you Need to Know about Bangla Keyboard Today

Bangla Keyboard App by Bharat keyboard has made it to the ‘trending’ list of apps, thanks to its variety of features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Explore the feature-rich Keyboard: The Banglish Keyboard App so far has the maximum features when it comes to third-party keyboard apps. Over a million downloads of this keyboard prove my point. Users prefer this keyboard app over other applications because of its features like BigMoji, Voice to Text Bangla typing, Word Correction Algorithms, and Glide Typing.
  2. Stickers, Emojis, and GIFs: Memes, emoticons, stickers, GIFs, and Jokes are a staple for any group chat. The Bangla Keyboard provides over 500,000 Stickers, Memes, and GIFs from hundreds of movies and shows. This keyboard app also comes with an AI predictor that suggests stickers, emojis, and GIFs based on the typed text and the user preferences.
  3. Customize Personal Features: The Banglish Keyboard App offers many features to its users to personalize the app. It allows them to create stickers of themselves and animated selfies. Users can edit the appearance of the keyboard using the theme library and various preloaded fonts. Users can also create their themes by using their photos. The AI quickly adjusts to the user style and adapts accordingly.
  4. Effortless Voice-over-Text and Banglish support: The Bangla Keyboard App provides users with a voice-to-text feature that converts their speech to typed text. This effectively makes typing effortless. It is useful while multitasking, and it further increases user efficiency while communicating. This app also has an English-to-Bangla keyboard, which uses English syllables to convert text to Bangla seamlessly.
  5. Secure and Reliable typing solution: This keyboard application provides a good sense of security. No personal information and data concerning protection and security areas collected by the Bangla typing Keyboard. On downloading, Android shows a standard warning, clearly asking for your permission while setting up. The Keyboard App gathers anonymous analytical insights for improved forecasts, which results in a richer user experience. Newly typed words are saved in local dictionaries for better prediction capability of the app.
  6. Unlimited Free Usage: The Banglish Keyboard App is free to download. It comes with no in-app purchases or upgrades to provide a smooth and appreciable user experience, along with enjoyable and engaging conversations.
  7. Gestures: This keyboard app is smart enough to learn new words that were not in the preloaded dictionary to provide them to the user next time. It has gestures to switch to the number row and the emoji row with a single swipe. It also has the spacebar feature, like the GBoard by Google. With that, users can slide across the spacebar to move the cursor accordingly.

With these capabilities and features, the Banglish Keyboard App by Bharat keyboard is a highly preferred Bangla Typing application. It is quickly getting recognized as one of the best keyboard apps throughout the country. It is a common choice for Bengali Users and for beginners who need to communicate in Bangla. It is most certainly trending amongst the top keyboard apps on Google Play Store, So Download Bangla Keyboard App now!

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