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Which is the Best Herbal Tea for My Breakfast?

For many tea lovers, breakfast teas are a staple. Moreover, they are an excellent choice to pair with the morning meal. Bringing more balanced health with a cup of organic herbal tea. Here, I’ll talk about popular organic maté flavours. Let’s know what exactly distinguishes the teas from each other. Some might look similar but have different flavours and strengths.

Irresistible Flavors with Phenomenal Benefits


Lemongrass has long leaves like seagrasses. Earlier, lemongrass was majorly grown in Sri Lanka and South India. Perhaps, now it’s a crucial herb for many countries. Lemongrass is a common ingredient in Asian cooking but now possible to prepare organic tea with a lemongrass flavour. Apart from rendering a delightful sour flavour, lemongrass is rich in medicinal properties. Removes anxiety, boosts red blood cells and lowers cholesterol level.


It’s a refreshing aromatic herb in the mint family. The herb is native to Europe and Asia and still in consumption for thousands of years. Generally, peppermint is used as a breath mint. Also used in many candies and other foods. Tea lovers relish this caffeine-free flavour serving health benefits.

My daily morning herbal tea has a peppermint taste, including essential oils like menthol, menthone, and limonene. For quick relief from headaches, trust me, nothing is more effective than this best herbal tea.


You can welcome the culture of Japan at your home by celebrating morning genmaicha tea. In Japanese, the word refers to “brown rice tea”. It’s a herbal tea with roasted brown rice. Give you a sugary-nutty flavour that makes your first meal of the day luscious. For the herbal-tea newbies, it can be an ideal choice to balance the bitterness. My friend has lost 4 kg in two months without performing an exercise. In short, it can be your gym alternative! Also, aid in reducing the risk of heart disease and remove toxins.


The amazing tart flavour, just like cranberries, can also add fun to your breakfast. Parts of the hibiscus plant are boiled in water to prepare organic tea. No matter what seasons, this herbal tea can be your true breakfast companion. Our half of the stress is due to professional lives, working long hours and meeting the targets. Hence, increasing blood pressure. Make it a daily breakfast habit to low down blood pressure. Even encourage liver health and reduce blood fat level.


Surely it’s about black tea leaves! Generally, tea’s origin is from the Camellia Sinensis plant but follows different harvesting & processing ways. Black tea harvesting goes through four phases- wilting, bruising, rolling, and oxidation. Whereas green tea doesn’t follow oxidation. The refreshing black tea reduces cancer risk, protects the heart from atherosclerosis and chronic kidney disease.

Every organic tea offers tremendous medicinal advantages. So, choose the one which matches your health needs. But people like me still don’t compromise with the flavour. Though I love peppermint (my daily health-based- tea) but have a pack of lemongrass tea ordered from herbs online in Australia.  I drink at least twice or thrice a week.

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