Best Bokeh Video Editors for Android
Best Bokeh Video Editors for Android

10 Best Bokeh Video Editors for Android Smartphones

Photos with bokeh effects are common on various blogs and social media. What about bokeh videos? Can a bokeh effect be applied to a video so that the video can be focused on a specific object? Of course, I can. There are many applications that can be used to create bokeh effects.

The bokeh effect that makes some photos and videos look blurry is increasingly preferred because this effect can make one part of the photo and video stand out more. For those of you who plan to edit videos with bokeh effects, some of these applications can be the most appropriate solutions.

Video Editing Application with Bokeh Effects

The following applications are designed for Android device users who want to apply bokeh effects to various videos that have been taken using an Android smartphone. Many Android devices are equipped with cameras that are capable of producing bokeh photos.

Unfortunately, to create a bokeh effect on a video, you still need to use additional applications such as these additional applications:

  • After Focus

The After Focus application is highly recommended, especially for beginners who are new to the world of video editing. The app comes with an intuitive user interface and makes it even easier to use.

After Focus is also equipped with various advanced features to help Android users create videos with bokeh effects in a much younger way than other applications. One of the best features of this app is the selection of focus areas.

This feature allows app users to draw a line to make certain areas the main focus and other areas will automatically blur. It’s easy?

  • Square Video

Apart from providing a bokeh effect on videos, Square Video also allows Android users to change the video orientation from horizontal to vertical or vice versa. Even if the video orientation changes, the video quality will not change as well.

Square Video also provides a wide selection of backgrounds for your edited videos. There is also cutting video which is a special feature to remove some parts of the video bokeh museum that you don’t want.

  • Magovideo

If you are looking for a video editing app with the most complete and many features, download Magovideo. This app will make it easier for you to apply a bokeh effect. Magovideo is also equipped with cool magic video features, text effects with various fonts, and many other effects.

  • Real Bokeh

Real Bokeh provides various bokeh effects that come in a variety of styles. You won’t find videos with ordinary bokeh effects and backgrounds in this app. There are at least 33 light effects that you can find in Real Bokeh.

In addition, Real Bokeh also has 36 choices of bokeh shapes that can be used to make various videos. You can even create your own bokeh effect to add to videos that you will later edit using the app.

This app allows you to edit videos freely and freely. You can determine the size of the bokeh effect and save videos that have been given a bokeh effect with HD resolution. No more worrying about video quality decreasing after editing.

  • Insta Bokeh

Unlike previous applications, Insta Bokeh only provides a bokeh effect without any other confusing additional features. You can adjust the bokeh level when recording a video or after recording a video. You can also adjust the details of the part that will be given a bokeh effect.

The light effect and the thickness of the bokeh effect can also be adjusted very easily using Insta Bokeh. This app is perfect for making neat and professional videos with bokeh effects.

  • Blur Video

Blur Video provides a tool called the shape tool and pencil that makes it easy for you to adjust the area that will be the focus of the video and set the area that will get the blur effect. You just have to select the area for the bokeh effect and then specify the video interval with the blur effect.

This feature will help you to create a video that looks blurry only at certain times and then the video will appear normal again at another interval. Unfortunately, the save process after editing the video is quite long. So, please be patient waiting for the results of the bokeh video from Blur Video.

There are FreeStyle Blue and Fun Blur features that you can try. Another feature called Instagram No Crop can be used to upload your edited videos to Instagram in their original aspect ratio. This means that you can add effects to parts that are usually cut off when uploaded to Instagram.

  • Inshot

Another feature-rich application is Inshot. This app provides features to add text, emojis, music, and other effects and filters that can make objects and people in your video appear more flawless and beautiful.

Another feature that this app also provides is video merge to combine multiple video files and video cropping feature to remove parts of the video that you don’t need. Inshot is the application that you are

You can add background blur, make videos with slow motion effects, and apply some of the 30+ visual effects available in this app. After editing, videos can be saved in high quality so that you can upload them to all social media platforms perfectly.

  • Camera MX

All your photos and videos will look more professional with the help of Camera MX. The main feature that this application prides itself on is the focus lock which will help balance your images so they don’t shake during the taking process. There are many more interesting features to get quality videos.

For example, there are slow motion features, time lapse, HDR, live filters, and other features. You can also adjust the saturation, hue, and contrast of videos and photos manually.

  • V2ART

V2ART comes with a classic and retro look. This app also features various classic effects for your bokeh video creation. This app gives a traditional impression to make you create videos with a comfortable and thick impression.

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Even though classic effects are the hallmarks of V2ART, this app also includes various blur or bokeh features to make the videos you edit look even more professional and interesting. Uniquely, you can combine a traditional impression with a modern style to create a more interesting video.

Which of the ten video editor apps above will you try the first time? If you want to really focus on the bokeh effect, use the Insta Bokeh app. For easy video editing, choose the After Focus app which is designed for beginners. 

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