Can One Stop Mould in Its Track with Effective Carpet Drying?

A wet carpet might turn out to be a breeding ground for unwanted mould and mildew. Water damage is the prime reason behind build-up of active mould and mildew. This growth can give rise to multiple health issues as well as respiratory problems. Hence, in case it is not treated in time, this mould can spread uncontrollably and cause several issues.

In case you have mould in your carpet, then it’s time to act swiftly and take immediate measures for drying a wet carpet quickly and preventing mould in your property. The first thing which you need to consider is swift carpet drying. Through fast and swift drying, you can make sure that mould growth is stopped right in its tracks.

1. Eliminate water from your carpet

Preventing the possibility of mould growth in your carpet is a very time-consuming task. So, to eliminate mould growth without destroying your carpet, you need to be swift and quick. Firstly, you will have to eradicate all the water from your home so that the carpet drying process can be started at earliest.  You can use a wet-dry vacuum machine to quickly dry your carpet. It will be helpful for you to eliminate any standing water.

In case you really wish to avoid carpet mould, then you need to take immediate steps for removing any extra moisture.  Also, you might utilize special equipment like a carpet drying fan to fasten the entire process. This entire procedure might take some time, hence be patient and make sure that this process is undertaken efficiently.

2. Check if there is any moisture in your furniture

In case you have upholstery, wooden tables or any furniture which has been affected by water damage, then you need to dry them using an advanced tool or dehumidifier.

3. Clean your walls regularly

Sanitizing and cleaning the walls are necessary steps which you must take after water damage. You might use a soap mixture for scrubbing the dirt in your rooms minimise the effect of water damage.

4. Maintain good ventilation in your rooms

This is an eminent step which will be a lot helpful for you to prevent carpet mould easily. You can create sufficient ventilation in the rooms to eradicate bad odor and moisture from the entire room. Also, you can open all the windows and doors to ensure that you have cross ventilation, turn on fans and also keep a fan on floor which soaks up the moisture.

5. Replace your carpet padding

A carpet padding is a rubber sheet which is installed below your carpet for providing a layer of cushioning. They protect your carpets and also prolong its life. In case your carpet gets wet because of leakage, then replacing the padding is one of the most necessary things to do.

6. Perform steam cleaning

Cleaning your carpets by using steam cleaning might be helpful for you in eradicating bacteria, germs and pollutants from the carpet fibers. You can perform steam cleaning by yourself or hire well-trained and expert professionals to provide you with assistance. Steam has a high temperature which works wonders in eradicating toxins by sucking the dead mould spores. In this procedure, you can also deodorize the entire carpet in a few minutes and give your carpet a pleasant smell.

In a nutshell, although water damage can prove to be destructive if left untreated on time, you can deal with it by taking swift and proper steps. If you fail to take fast steps, then you might have to dispose of your affected furniture, costly floor coverings and some more objects in your house. If your valuable carpets are wet because of flood or water damage, then you need immediate treatment for them, otherwise they can fall prey to mould growth and mildew deep in the fibers.

These steps which are given above can be helpful in preventing carpet mould after the water leakage. It can be done a lot quickly and easily. However, if you are moving out of your rented property and wish to get your full deposit back, then you can hire the best water extraction, carpet drying services right away. At Emergency Flood Restoration Sydney, we provide comprehensive and end to end carpet cleaning, water extraction, carpet drying services. Also, we provide efficient flood damage restoration services for your property to ensure that all the furniture and valuables in your home stay away from destruction and damage.

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