Toilet Back Up

9 Most Common Reasons for a Toilet Back Up

Leaky toilets are one of the biggest headaches for residential property owners. Over time, the leaking toilets add up costs. Moreover, the leaking water spreads throughout your room and damages furniture, electrical appliances, and carpets. If it goes into the basement, it may lead to structural damage. That is why it is worth learning how to drain a toilet and recognize it without relying on experts. Please read this post to learn everything you need to know about plumbing leakages and solutions.

· Old Washers

One of the most common causes of toilet leaks is worn out washers. It squeezes everything tight to keep water from spilling out. Over time washers can break down, and water starts leaking out. You can check the washer or call a plumber for an inspection.

· Corroded Plumbing System

Your plumbing system may be extra vulnerable to corrosion. It starts leaking out water slowly, but it becomes a headache over time. Make sure you inspect the water quality so you can be prepared against these problems.

· Pipe Rust

People usually choose metal for plumbing systems because it is durable and long-lasting, but sometimes pipes can become rusty and more vulnerable to water leakage. On the other hand, using plastic for the plumbing system may cause various other problems.

· Tank Leakage

Under extreme stress, tanks can develop cracks. Moreover, if cracks develop, they spread quickly and the tank must be replaced with a new one. If you need urgent help in clearing blocked toilets or leakages, you should call a reputed service provider for assistance.

· Damage Flapper

It is an important part of your toilet, which stays inside the tank. It stops the flow of water from the tank into the bowl. Damage flapper leads to major leakages, and you should fix this as soon as possible.

· Damaged Tank Bowl Gaskets

Like flappers, tank bowl gaskets can be damaged and result in water damage. A 3 inches gasket allows the quick flow of water, but it must be replaced immediately if it breaks.

· Damaged Toilet Float

Float opens and closes the flapper to refill the tank. It is one of the delicate parts of the toilet plumbing system, so it can be damaged very easily. It measures the level of water inside the tank, so if it cannot work, the tank will overflow.

· Malfunctions of the Overflow Tube

The overflow tube is a safety mechanism. If the water gets too high, it flows out of the system. If it is blocked, it can cause a leaky toilet. You need to identify this problem early. That is why we recommend you to have a plumbing inspection once a year.

· Humidity Level

Lastly, toilet leakage may not be the problem at all. It can be the result of high humidity that condenses onto the different parts of the plumbing system, which seems like a leakage.

Can I Fix a Leaking Toilet?

Clearing blocked toilets is a headache, but you need to identify it before fixing the problem. You can start with some basic troubleshooting to find out the problem. After that, you may apply some DIY remedies. Although DIY tools may not work in many situations, you need advanced equipment and certified chemicals to remove clogging and blockages.

In some major cases, we do not recommend doing this alone because these are sources of grey or black water, which is harmful to your health. As professionals, we use protective gear and advanced equipment to fix these issues safely. If you face flapper, bowl, tank or pipe leakages, then replacement is the only solution.

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We hope you have learned helpful information about the most common causes of toilet leakage. Please read our other posts to learn more about various tips and remedies for water damage related issues.

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