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5 Gift Ideas for the Hard to Please

It is a fact of life that some people are very hard to shop for. This doesn’t mean they are trying to be difficult; some of the nicest people have only simple needs. Of course, some folks get their kicks out of being difficult. Nevertheless, we are occasionally caught in situations where the right thing to do is buy one of these people a gift. They might not want a gift, and you might not even want to buy them one. But we must play the cards we are dealt. In the interest of world peace, here are some gift suggestions for the hard to please.

  1. Stress Reliever Gifts: If you can’t get them what they want, sometimes you should get them what they need; done most kindly, of course. Stress relief gifts can come in many forms, like aromatherapy items such as creams and lotions, bath bombs, and candles. Or you might try some CBD products. Everyone likes to relax, and these types of gifts appeal to many different personalities.
  2. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes: This is one of those items that makes me say, why didn’t I think of that. Ice cubes are so last decade. Steel cubes come in gold and silver versions (food-grade plating) and attractive shapes like diamonds. Stainless steel gets just as cold as ice, and can absorb more heat. The best part is it doesn’t melt into your drink. Always solid, steel cubes are easier to store in your freezer. Just take it easy when you drop one in your glass. These are an item everyone can use.
  3. Big Puffy Blanket: This is a good item if you have some information that the person you are shopping for is always cold. But research has shown that most people like to be comfortable, so it is a likely hit with or without intelligence. If that person owns a pet, make sure to check out these custom personalized pet blankets. Choose a neutral colour unless you know what they like, and make sure it is sensually soft, and hard to resist. A step up from this would be a weighted blanket if you have a bigger budget.
  4. Picture Frames: A picture frame without an image leaves room for the receiver to personalize the item. It is possible that you might pick a style of frame that doesn’t match their décor, but most frames can fit a wide range of tastes. You might also go the route of buying a very unusual frame. It still provides the personalization factor and is very likely to be something they do not already have.
  5. Gift Certificate: Truthfully, the best gift you can give someone difficult is money. However, in our complex society, money is a strange gift in certain situations. A gift certificate is the next best thing. You might have to do your research and find out what people like. But who doesn’t like a gift certificate? They are awesome.

It is always best to know the person you are shopping for, but ignorance is also a pretty good defence. In cases where you know the person is impossible that information only makes shopping more difficult. When you can’t make up your mind, buy something everyone could use.

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