Spying Eye

Webcam Hacking How to Block the Spying Eye

Whether your webcam, smartphone camera, or surveillance system cameras, they all can be spying eyes on your personal life and will detect every movement you do in the comfort of your home. Scary, don’t you think?

How Do These Threats Find Their Way to Your Device?

Similar hacking attempts find their way to your devices in many unexpected ways; one of the most common ways is the (RAT) Remote Access Trojan. This malicious act is performed when you grant access to an untrusted company or a technician and let them take full control of your device. Many companies use remote access to solve technical issues for their clients. However, not all of them are considered a threat.

Remote access can be very helpful and part of the new world technology, saving time and effort. However, the struggle occurs when you grant access to an untrusted party, who can simply happen to be a hacker who wants to implant his spying eyes in your house.

A more serious concern is associated with the fact that remote access gives hackers full control over your device, which means that every keystroke, private message, and search history is monitored and controlled by the hacker.

Shockingly, remote access isn’t the only gate to your devices; many cyber threats, including SubSeven, Poison-Ivy, and Back Orifice, can find their way to your devices via malicious attachments, fake websites, spam emails, or any other way, the possibilities are many, and the users’ preparation for similar threats isn’t enough to prevent the expected harm.

A strong password is a must; some people think fingerprint locks take security to the next level, while actually, they are just a complementary step to the password, which is the first defense line of your device.

If hackers access your device, they will be able to install spying applications to track your location, see your search history, view messages, spy on calls, watch you via your smartphone camera, and many other horrifying snooping acts.

Tips to Stop the Spying Eyes

The incredible use of technology has hugely impacted people in different regions around the globe; wherever you live, it doesn’t take more than a glance over the place around you to figure out how essential technology has turned to be.

Like all other things in life, technology has its cost, and sadly, it costs us our privacy, but there must be something that can be done about it. Actually, there are some tips and precautions that you can follow to avoid similar attacks. According to Several.com, the following tips are the most effective to prevent spying eyes:

  • If you don’t continuously use your webcam, you can cover or disable it, just to guarantee that even if hackers could find a way to control your device, they won’t be able to use it against you. It has been reported that even the former FBI director and Mark Zuckerberg put tape over their webcams, why don’t you!
  • Keep your devices’ software updated, including the operating system, browser, and other tools.
  • Avoid clicking on any suspicious links or attachments, and don’t share your computer’s screen with any other parties unless you know and trust that they only want to help you solve the problem.
  • Never let your device run without a reliable antivirus; this step can save the day, especially when using one of the top antivirus software on the market, which has been tested and praised by many internet users.

Spying eyes are hard to detect, and if not by accident, you won’t be able to know that someone is spying on your personal life. The issue gets more complicated when thinking of the unlimited possibilities that could happen when a hacker finds a way to your device. Similar threats must be enough to make you take serious action towards them and shield your devices against such threatening harm.

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